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[Private Freq.] TO LOVEC - 77.1

Guest Roach

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*It's the middle of the night and Tony looks at his mattress where he hid the radio device given to him by an unknown source. He reaches in the hole he made in the side of the mattress that is facing the wall where he grabs the radio from. He starts analysing the device since he did not know exactly what to do to get it to work correctly. He tweaks around with it for a few minutes when finally lands on the 77.1 frequency. He pushes down what he believes is the talk key.*



Hello, hello! Is anybody out there?... Is this thing working?... Jesus fuc... HELLO?!? Please answer me, I don't got much time. The name's Tony... Please, anyone... I'll make it worth your while... Answer... Fuck!

*Tony then sits down leaning against the wall in his cell looking at the night sky through his window hoping someone will answer back*

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*Alex sits back onto a tree, brushing away his ghillie before he hears a nervous yell over the radio, and responds in his subtle Czech-Russian Accent*

"Uh..Hello? How did you get this frequency? If you need help I guess you called the right people."

"..Tony, was it? Where are you?"

*He sits back once again, waiting a response*

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*Tony smiles at the sound of the response knowing he may just have found some help to break out. He listens to the man that seems to sound Russian or Chernarussian, he remains confused and fears it may even be the Chernarussian Mafia, those that caused all this in the first place. Since it's probably his best chance to get out, he takes the risk and responds back*


Okay, before you... before you judge me or anything... I'm not going to hurt you or your guys. I just need some help, and I'm gonna owe you a fuckin' big one if you do this... It's not a small job... hold on... *Whispers* It's not a small job. I'm on Austellus... it's a prison island... This group of people called The Regulators are fuckin' crazy in the head... They still think it's like, you know, it's a world with rules and shit... everything's changed... All I did was protect myself... And now I'm cooped up in here and I'm pretty sure they're gonna execute me... I wanna get the fuck off this rock, silently and alive... Whatever you need, weapons, drugs I don't give a shit. I'll give it to you, I'll find it... Just get me the fuck outta here... If you're still interested just reply back right now and we can run down the plan... But we're gonna have to hurry... soon I'll have to get rid of this radio... still there? Hello?!?

*Tony sits back and awaits the response form stranger*

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*Alex waits for the man to finish, before responding, noting the fact that man sounds like some kind of italian gangster*

So, let me get this straight.. You want me to take my boys up against the fortified island compound of Austellus, extract you from within the prison block, and get you safely to the mainland for you to...what, run off?

*Alex starts to smile, and looks towards his other lovec sitting nearby, and continues*

We always say we do not bow to the twisted, the evil, and we protect the good and the helpless. So by that, we will help you get out of there.

*He puts his radio down, waiting a moment to see if the man will respond once more*

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* Micheal Grabs his radio and hears what the man has to say, Then he holds down his voice transmission button and says *

Hello.. Hello!

This is Sergeant Major Micheal Dowey of the Regulators.

* He then takes a brief pause and explains himself *

 I'm the source that Tony got his radio from

And I will be the inside man to help move Tony and friends safe with your help ofcourse.

We Need to meet and discuss more in person. 

Mike ou-

* Mike moves his thumb off the transmit button then slips his radio back into his vest and continues rowing his fishing boat to the main land *

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*Alex takes his radio firmly in his hand and starts to transmit*

"Hello Sergeant Major Dowey, I'm Strider with the Lovec, just give us a location to meet on the mainland and a time. We shall discuss the rest in person.

*Transmission ends*

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