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Vel'ky Lakar (The doctor) to be coming back soon

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My season is over and school is calming down and the breaks and holidays are coming up. I will be reintroducing my character with a few... changes.

I'm not going to give away any information yet, i'm revealing it through the radio chatter over time. The first transmission is out. When I come back, I want to bring in some new characters if anyone wants to take on the role of these new characters. Most of the back story to these characters and their personality can be completely created by you.

The character I want to bring in are as follow and will bring more information on them later:

My younger sister: Vika (18)

My older brother: Vladomir (32)

My "assistant": Mark (young man)

Russian doctor: Name TBA (middle aged)

Doctor 2: Info TBA

Doctor 3: Info TBA

Gunman 1: Info TBA

Gunman 2: Info TBA

Any character's whose roles aren't filled will simply just have died while I escaped.

Thanks :D

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  • MVP

Welcome back :D

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  • Emerald

Where the Ctrl + V's at?


Welcome back to the community enjoy your time here! Pm me if you need help :D

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Welcome back :)

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