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[ALL FREQ]: Norman Casey is Dead...


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  • Sapphire

*Norman approaches the gates of what can now be considered his home, Green Mountain... He enters the compound whilst running his hand along the cold gates... He glances around for a few moments, remembering all of his friends and all they had accomplished. From Bo-Jack, Gwandoya, Jerry and Kaiden, to the new crew with Clay, Brandon, Vasily and Will... Norman looks around with a satisfied feeling, as a cool wind breezes through his hair and dried some sweat on his forehead. He picks up his radio, and begins to transmit on all frequencies...*

"This is Norman 'Bates' Casey, broadcasting on all available frequencies...

The lot of you may know me... for negative reasons... whether it be that I robbed you, tortured you, or yelled at you...

I have accomplished a lot in my time here in Chernarus. Mass holdups, shootings, all that good stuff...

And... through all of it... I always had someone there... a mentor... First it was Bo-Jack... and then now it was Clay Diamond... A.K.A. Mr. Diamond...

They showed me how to really survive in a place like this...

And now... I'm done surviving. 

I've made myself proud, and so many before me. I was popular. Everyone wanted me, and some still do. I finally got some attention.

Before I put an end to this whole amazing show, I want to shout-out to a few people...

Clay Diamond: You picked me up when I fell down. You where there for me when I needed you most. I appreciate it, and truly, from my heart, I love you, like a father.

Brandon McEvoy: You were always the smart one in this whole ordeal. You stuck there in that tower so long... heh... you're good at it.

Vasily Krasnav: You weren't the nicest of fellows, but you didn't take anyone's crap, and I like that. Stay safe, Ex-Commander...

Eleanor Falk: Never really made it public and didn't want to, but I kinda had a little thing for you... but... I never had a chance anyway... That beautiful Norwegian Accent always caught me off-guard and made my heart swell with... with... love... Goodbye, Eleanor...

Wallis Childs: Wallis, oh sweet Wallis... I never thought that I'd say this to any one of my victims... but... I'm... *Norman breathes heavily as he trembles over his words...* I'm sorry... for what I did to you. You're nothing but a sweet girl who delivers the mail... Even by my standards... i-... it's pretty sick to torture someone as young and innocent as you... I'm... sorry...

Well... that's all folks!

Make sure to spread the name of Norman 'Bates' Casey! For Norman... no longer exists..."

*Norman sets the radio down on the ground next to him as it is still broadcasting* 

*He pulls out a blood covered knife...*

*Norman then delves the knife up through his neck and into his brain... beginning the ending of his life...*

*Norman is slumped on the ground, as blood continually pours from his neck onto the ground as he writhes in pain, and finally smiles, as the life drains from his eyes...*


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  • Sapphire

*Ivan's eye widens the longer he listens, his knuckles whitening as he grips the radio tighter and tighter. His mouth opens slightly as he heard the final sounds, the audible squelch of knife sliding into flesh, and the gurgled breathing of a man clinging onto his last moment of life. When the noises stop, Ivan slumps to the ground, leaning his back against a tree for support.

His words come in softly, sadly.*

"Death isn't the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us as we live....

Norman...." *there is a long sigh*  "You were one of the few people out there who knew what the world was. Knew what humankind is really capable of doing. You were never afraid to act..... act as we were all born to. Morality is a human concept, it blinds us. You didn't let that get in your way."

*Ivan clutches his radio tighter, clenching his teeth.*

"People like you are the ones who should be left in the end. People who know the "why" of things.

But.... I guess you were ready. So take care pal.... and goodbye."

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  • Legend

Wallis would listen carefully to the radio as she slowly started to press the button down.

". . ."

She would let go of the button when the sounds of him struggling bled through the radio and would quickly move to turn the radio off.

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  • Sapphire

*Ray Swanson picks up the radio*

Norman my friend..

I don't know if you will hear this in time..

*Takes deep breath*

I never liked your methods but hey it got the job done right...

I will never forget you Norman, You were nice to me for awhile and I considered you a friend.

*Ray grabs his AK*

You lived a long life Norman..I will see you in hell my friend.

*Turns off radio*

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  • Legend

::hearing the transmission ender decides to respond::

Maybe alyssa will get some peace and quiet now

::transmission end::

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*Eleanor is sitting in Pusta as she tunes in the radio and hears a familiar voice that makes her smile. The smile quickly turns into an anxious and confused expression as she listens to Normans broadcast, what is he doing?*

*Eleanor sits up, her eyes are beginning to tear as she realises what this broadcast is about*

*She presses down the radio button*

Norman, ikke gjør.. Don’t.. *her voice breaks*.. Don’t do this, I beg you!!..”

*She releases the radio button, sulking and crying.*

*As she hears Normans pain, she grabs the radio and presses down the button*

“I will never forget you.. 

..Jeg elsker deg..”

*Eleanor puts down the radio, covers her mouth with her hands to silence her crying while watching the campfire slowly fade into darkness.*

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  • Sapphire

*Charlie listens in to the broadcast, slowly coming to a realization of what this message, and the sounds mean. He presses down the transmit button on his radio to give one last message to his friend*

"I'm gonna miss you, Norman. I can't say I've gotten used to your tactics, but they fuckin' worked. You showed me how to live freely and carelessly. Sure, it earned us a few bullet wounds, but we never stopped living, or at least I didn't. And for that, I thank you. I wear these scars with honor."

*He takes his finger off the transmit button, and peels a banana in honor of his late friend*

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  • Sapphire

*Sean picks up his radio and begins to transmit*

"Well done, Norman! I'm glad to see you saw reason to say fuck it and see you later. I wish more people could be more understanding of this world like you were... Goodbye.

*He takes his finger off the transmit button and laughs slowly as the transmission fades out*

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*Bryce hears Normans voice, probably for the last time.. He sighs and picks up his radio unsure if he were alive or not*

"Norman? Lad..... "

*He breaths deeply, pauses and continues*

"I.... I... Im glad your going, only bitches opt-out in this world pal. Guess you couldn't take it, I believe that you dont truly die, unless you die fighting. Like the Norse believed... Guess your going to toe purgatory lad. Nasty fukin habit, but hey.. you wore that clown mask those few times and like I said, you wear it, ya die.. Goes for Clay to.. bad luck those thing are."

*stops transmitting and looks at his gas mask in his hand for a few seconds, twirls it around his palm and slides it back over his face.*

"Guess I never made a proper impact on the guy.. Shame"

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  • 2 weeks later...

*Theo picks up his radio and sighs after burying his dead friend*

I'm sorry I wasn't there for you lad I will always remember what you taught me.

*Theo places a necklace of big toes and a banana on the freshly dug grave of his friend*

*Theo turns and walks away from the grave with a single tear rolling down his cheek*

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