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  • Emerald

*music and laughter is heard*

yooo anyone in elektro get ova here we got some drinks for you guys and gals, starting NOW! some great tunes from my man quincy.

*radio is dropped by the drunken man and the party can be heard for some time*

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  • Sapphire

*To keep his spirits up, Tucker takes his radio from the night stand to comment on the drunken man's transmission. He depresses the PTT*

"Well... W-what do we have here? Another p-person giving their loc-location over the airwaves... and it's a party... drinks and music? Well... I-I hope you all can sh-shoot well. I t-think you just rang Wong's dinner bell!"

*he chuckles hard and starts to cough*

"Why the hell... I don't..."

*Tucker is starting to get tired. He is starting to have a hard time focusing*


*He ends his transmission*

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  • Emerald

*Mysterious man with a dark voice turns on the radio*

Well mr.party man it's not nice to insult people, i suggest to keep your eyes and ears open.

As many people could make you a target by revealing your location.

*Radio cuts off*

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As he idily flicks through radio channels, starting to fall alseep, Covert hears some drunken fool broadcasting his position. Just as he's about to turn off his radio and call it a night, he hears another man mention his brothers name. Hearing his voice, he realizes its the man he shot several days ago. He raises his radio to his lips and begins to speak

"You mind telling my why you think we'd waste our time on some inebriated fuck wits? Trust me my man, we have much more pressing matters to attend to. By the way, hope that gunshot's healing nicely, make sure you take some antibiotics, wouldnt want it getting infected."

He lowers his radio, chuckling to himself. He turns it off, tosses it into his bag, and curls up on his sleeping mat. The broken walls of his home loom around him as he falls asleep

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  • MVP

Riviaira scratches her head confused whilst over looking the distance. She put the radio to her lips, speaking with a soft tone.

"How are you all getting music, I mean, I've checked a lot of houses and they have no plug sockets.... And the fridges are completely dead. Unless we're all going alternative and charging devices with car batteries.... I'm not going to even attempt to use car batteries and my Ipod in case I kill myself. I value my life."

She laughs a little before tuning her transmission onto her own, sighing and listening to the breeze brushing past her face gently.

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  • Sapphire

*Wong Presses down the button on his radio*

Keep my name outta your mouth before I remove your fucking tongue. 

How's Mrs Piggy after we let her go. Fucking Cunt. Look after the bitch better next time

*Wong releases the button on his radio and takes another shot of whiskey* 

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  • Sapphire

*Alex pushes the transmission button*

"Well... This is an interesting conversation."

*He lets go of the button*

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  • Sapphire

*Tucker hears the back and forth of Wong's men and the others before them. The pain medication has fully taken it's effect at this point, and he reaches over to the night stand again to grab his radio and respond. He depresses the PTT*

"Well then... well then... well then... It was a joke not a d"

*he stops himself from going further and starts to cough*

"You see... you say that about my wife now... what happens when your boys aren't with you? Remember Wong... power comes from the barrel of a gun... strength however... Oh and 'momma bear'... I think Oisin wants his finger back... I don't think he is quite too happy with the damage caused..."

*He starts to cough again*

"The shots are fine... I've been... through worse... I heard something along the lines that Max supposedly paid you all... or something... I honestly have no idea why you did anything for..."

*He stops himself again*

"Oh and again... River... Max hasn't changed... You have to know this... not that you would care though... The young heart wants what it wants eh? Drunken bastard is a pervert if you ask me... Not that I really... care anymore. Stay out of our way."

*he releases the PTT and looks at the ceiling.*

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  • Sapphire

*Wong pushes down on his radio his words slurred*

I robbed his ass after we left your wifey go *Burps* It wasn't a funny joke mate.

I do have to agree Max is a pervert...30yrs old dating a 17 I guess he has to go for young girls 

as he probably has problems else where if you get what I mean *He laughs* Oh well have a good niight everyone

*Releases the button and starts drinking again* 

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  • Sapphire

*He hears Wong and depresses the PTT laughing hard. He starts to cough and he accidentally bumps one of the gunshot wounds. He groans in pain and tries to speak*

"Oh damn... that hurt... *he continues to laugh* My joke might not have been... funny... but that? You got me on that one."

*He releases the PTT and tries to calm himself*

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  • Emerald

*Hears Wong saying the last thing and laughs*

Well Wong I didn't know you can make a joke, or I have never just heard you make a joke.

But that was good.

*Radio goes silent*

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  • Sapphire

*Alex hears the transmission and decides to pitch in*

"Isn't he always triggered?"

*Transmission ends*

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