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Uknown Frequency To the wolves (Wolves Only)

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*an uknown person manages to maintain the frequency of the wolves *

he transmit on a place outside Chernaurus*

*Takistani accent*

So.....you are the ones they call wolves was it?!

well Wolves looks like one of you're friends has a little problem....

if only you know who....

*Jason voice can be heard in the background*

Hey Kamikaze Dude.....how bout you let me talk to my friends on the radio hmmm?

*A punch is heard in the background*

Hmphf...man you hit hard

SHUT UP!!....now what i want from you wolves is that you hear you're friend in pain...now listen closely

Wait....what are you going to....oh shit no NO NO!

*The signal is lost  and turns into static*

*Jason manages to turn on the radio and speaks....*

Well....i gotta admit these guys are shit at guarding and....hurrting other peopes hell they were like 60 years old and could barerly run...

i'm coming over back to Chernaurus and this time....I AINT LEAVING!

*An AK shot can be heard*

Oh Shit...gotta go

*The radio is turned off*

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*Mary hears a lot of noices on the radio and starts to transmit*

What the fuck Jason?

What the hell is going on?

Get your ass over here - we need you!

In one piece.

*Mary turns off the radio*

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