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The Wolves' Meeting [Private Frequency]


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Sitting on an old wall in the summer camp, Jamie listens to the quiet and watches the dark, thinking about what he's going to say. He slowly stumbles to his feet, and walks into one of the old cabins. He walks over to the desk, chucking his radio on the table and sliding out the chair, delicatley placing himself in it, trying to to rip off the bandages on his back. He reaches over and picks up the radio. He sets it to the right frequency then lifts it up to his lips. After a few minutes of static, you hear his calm tone of voice.  

Hey there everyone. It's Jamie here. I wanted to make everyone aware that we will be having a family meeting soon. We need to discuss some issues and thoughts people are thinking about me. We need to discuss why myself, one of your so called "leaders" haven't been there and not been looking out for you. I'm not going to apologize over a radio, it's childish and pathetic. I'm going to do it in person to each and every one of you.

You hear a quiet sigh, and a few seconds of silence. 

For everyone that hasn't abandoned the family, I want to be there. If you do not show up, then myself, Nora and Mary will think you've moved on. Like Dan, Lewis and Zoja. Everyone will attend. Jacob, Alex, Mason, Ender, Scarlett and Jason. And even the trials, Joe, Daniel, Noah and Charlie. Only come if you actually care about this family being together. If not, you know where the door is. 

You hear a few more seconds of silence. 

This meeting will take place at the Wolf den. I will give you a time and place at a later point, since we need to make sure everyone is available and actually in Chernarus.. *cough* Jason. 

I hope everyone is doing okay. And I will see you all there. 

He puts down the radio back on the desk and sets it up to be played every 30 minutes


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  • Legend

Daniel picks up his radio and starts to speak into it.

"Pochopila jse- Sorry. I forget sometimes that not everyone speaks Chernarussian. However I receive your message understood. I will be there."

He sets the radio down and continues to clean his weapons.

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  • MVP

*Mary walks down the airfield through the rain. Her clothing is soaked and her face looks pale. She hears Jamies & Daniels voices on the radio and decides to transmit*

*you are able to hear a quiet female voice* 

I will be there.

If anyone of the trials does not know where the den is:

we can meet in Pogorevka or Pulkovo and I will lead ... 

*silence for a few seconds*

I will show you the way.

*The radio transmission cuts off*

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*Charlie hears Jamie and listens carefully to his message. "How the fuck did these other people get on this frequency?!" he said to himself, shrugged and quickly responded, in the hope that Jamie and the rest of the Wolves would be able to hear him*

Hey there Jamie, reading you loud and clear buddy. I'll be there don't you worry, just name the time and I'll see you there. Oh, and Mary I think I will take you up on that offer and meet you in Pogorevka if that's ok...pretty sure I know where the Den is but just want to be sure...

Look forward to seeing you all then, stay safe.

*With that Charlie put his radio in his trouser pocket but kept it on in case any other important messages came through. He picked up his backpack and rifle and started to jog South towards Pogorevka.*

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  • Sapphire

* Noah hears the radio transmission from Jamie. He decides to respond on his request. *

'' Jamie, you can count on me. And I agree its necessary to have a meeting.... See you soon, Noah. ''

* Noah ends the transmission *

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Ender Star picks his radio from his vest pocket listening to the message. After is ends, he pushes down the button.

I'll be there, Jamie. Hopefully this meeting will clear things up a little.

Releasing the button, Ender puts the radio back into his pocket.

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  • Emerald

*Mason hears the transmission he expected and decides to confirm that he will be present*

"I will be there Jamie! You can count on me..."

"This needs to be done! So thank you for arranging this"


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  • Emerald

*Alex raises his crossbow and moves through the small shrubbery before him, looking for the rabbit he saw just moments ago. He hears a few loud crackles from the radio attached to his backpack straps, before he hears Jamies message seep through the speakers. He listens and smiles to himself and holds down the transmitter*

"Got it. Try not to go off on any more holidays in the meantime"

*He lets go and continues to scan for the rabbit in the underbrush*

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  • Emerald

* humming silence is disrupted by a short sigh before Joe's voice breaks through with a sad and cold tone*

I won't promise anything before I hear a date and time but I'll try I believe there are a few things that has been waiting for to long.

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