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character name change


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How do I go about changing my character's name??

Currently I'm Tony Brown a civilian paramedic.. I still want to continue my IG job and title.. just want to change the character's name.

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You can just make another character similar to the last one,but if you want it to be the exact same person(as in knowing the same people you have met and such) I don't think that can work.But yeah you can have another character that was also a medic and what not.

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/Moving to Questions. 

When you change your whole name, in essence you are making another character. This is allowed, but you won't remember anything from any previous characters. You will need to start to build relations and such from scratch. If you are getting married, then a surname change is fine, and you'll be aloud to change your surname. But you can have as many characters as you wish, you simply just change your name on the DayZ Menu.

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I think myself and simonstar cleared that up well. If you have any other questions about it, feel free to ask and I'll make this as unsolved.

Marking as /Solved. 

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Yea, that's great thanks.

Do I have to die and respawn with nothing and start again??.. or just carry on with this gear (it's all medical stuff)

Just change your name and you are good to go. I keep other chars "props" in my backpack and change accordingly. You can be a "new" character every time you play if you so wish.

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You can also simply keep using the same character and just change his name IC.

The name listed in the playerlist and so on is OOC. That's used to identify you by face/voice/whatever if the person on the other side has the means to do so. You can however start introducing and calling yourself by another name if this name-change is meant to be simply in-character.

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