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s1 metagaming/powergaming

Guest Max

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Server and location:  Server 1 Novy Sobor

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):  20/11/15 sorry don't remember time

Daytime or Night-time:  Night Time

Your in game name:  Max Kamizir

Names of allies involved:  N/A

Name/Skin of suspect/s:  Zoyo or Jelena Haas

Suspects weapon/s:  AK

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):  N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): [video=youtube]


Detailed description of the events: Because this was already on another report I will keep this short.

I am north of Novy when Zoyo runs behind me. I initiate and tell him to drop his radio. He complies and emotes that he has dropped the radio.

5:20 in the video you meet me and surrender.

5:27 you tell people you're initiated on, after already surrendering.

5:35 you drop your radio and still continue to tell people your location.

6:02 you make a sound with your mouth that sounds like static from a radio. I assume you did this to signal that your radio was taken away.

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Calling Jelena Haas into the report to post their POV to the situation.

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My POV: As I explained in the other report. I was under the impression that you were allowed to use the radio until the person taking it turns it off. Most people who I have seen does something like this. In the video I was basically just finishing what I was already saying before I started typing. Tera already explained this to me in the last report and I said I understood what I did was wrong after the clarification.

All though I will point out, the rules do state that Meta gaming is when players receive information that is outside of a reasonable RP way. I feel like Max not doing anything with radio and me only using it as I'm dropping it, then cutting the communication as I walk away is fairly reasonable in an RP sense. But that just my personal opinion, the rules are what they are. I am in no way challenging them here.


As for the power gaming I stated several time in the report that I never expected Assassinmasta to know that my accent had changed. I do however thinks its unfair to say that I should have specified my character's accent when I first started talking to him. I had no idea who he was, and I have never seen any text RPer specify what their voice sounds like every time they start talking with someone they dont know. When I say in //OOC that my voice had changed I never meant it in a way to force Max to change his RP, the RP was going on for so long at that point I just wanted to let him know for future reference.

Had I known who the person I was talking to was initially, then I probably would have made sure he knew my voice had changed from the start. I'm just not the type of person who pulse checks everyone when I see them, sorry if that's what I am expected to do but I feel it breaks immersion.

I'll admit that I slipped up a bit on the Meta gaming part for about 2 seconds, but the idea that I need to tell people what I sound like when I first start talking to them I dont agree with.

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Jelena Haas - Meta Gaming - Guilty.


In this situation you are initiated on and while surrendering give out information on teamspeak that could affect what was happening in that situation.

You thought that the hostage takers needed to "turn off" your radio before you had to stop talking on teamspeak.

This is not the case though, as soon as you go into the surrender animation you cannot talk on teamspeak anymore.

The reason for this is because in that animation both of your hands are up, and you need at least one hand free to press the button on the radio to talk.

You gave out information to people that were in your group after you surrendered and had no means to talk to them anymore.

This is clear Meta gaming and is plainly illustrated in the video provided.

As for the  power-gaming claims, there is not enough evidence to determine whether or not zoyo changing his accent was malicious 

or part of him rping out losing his accent. I will say that it is suggested that if you are text rping an accent that you state it at least once during an encounter with someone. If you didn't do so how would that person ever know that you had an accent?

Zoyo in your situation especially I would emote out your accent fading a bit, because of the Americans you've been hanging out with.

Keep in mind though that just because your accent is fading that doesn't mean that someone wont still recognize your voice.

A voice has an accent an accent does not have a voice.

With the above stated the following applies:


Jelena Haas - [Guilty] - Meta Gaming - 3 days and 10 points.

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