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Returning Player - David Scott

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Hey everyone! Just thought I'd stop in and say hello to the community that I adore.

It has been a while, and for those that spent time with my character in game I am sorry for my disappearance. Some time ago I had my account pruned for inactivity, but I have finally gotten around to posting up another application with your fancy new process (which I like btw!). If anyone has any questions or would like to talk with me, just let me know I am an open person and have been roleplaying for nearly a decade now!

Best of luck in your adventures, and I hope to join you soon!

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  • Emerald

Welcome back. Don't get pruny.

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  • Diamond

welcome back :)

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  • MVP

Welcome back mate! Glad you like the new whitelist features. Some here prefer the old whitelist tho, me being one of them. Lets just say the new one is making it more easy for people to get accepted which means more reprts etc. But they are working on improving the questions and making it harder.

Tl;dr hope you enjoy your stay here and hope to meet you in game sometime soon (when my laptop is back from repair)

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Proud to inform everyone that I got my whitelist reviewed and accepted, and am now actively playing on the server! Send me a private message on the forums if you're interested in setting up a plotline or have questions about my character. (No meta tho ;)

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