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"Radio Refuge" 106.2 [open frequency]

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//OOC: There were some issues with hosted file at the time when the thread was made - people could only listen to the first ~4 minutes. The first mp3 lenght is around 19 minutes and second 25 minutes. If you're still having troubles listening to the whole thing, please PM me!

Broadcasts list:

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Broadcast 1

Broadcast 2

Broadcast 3

Broadcast 4

Broadcast 5

Broadcast 6

Broadcast 7

Broadcast 8

Broadcast 9 - Christmas Special

Broadcast 10 - New Year's Eve Special

[align=justify]*Franciszek was lying in the bed staring at the ceiling. He was listening to some old records he collected during his journey. Some people considered guns precious, some said it was food. But Franek loved listening to music and vinyl recordings were something he was always looking for. Music lets him forget about the problems - it was his medicine before the outbreak and it was doing suprisingly good job right now. With all the chatter on radio waves he couldn't stop thinking about how people have changed. Or maybe they were like that before all of thins but now they could reveal their true nature? He got up, sat next to the radio. He moved the microphone a little bit closer to the gramophone and pressed the transmit button.*



[align=justify]*While you're browsing the radio waves you come across a clear signal. Music can be heard on the frequency you've set.*


[align=justify]*The needle reached the ending of the record and only crackling sound could be heard. Franciszek released the transmit button and closed his eyes letting all the thoughts back in, slowly remebering what kind of world he' has to live in right now.*

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  • Legend

Jamie turns on his radio.

Whoever you are, you've certainly made my day. Dancing in the moonlight is a special song to me, haven't heard it for years. I hope you continue this station, bring on some nice tunes.

He smiles and puts the radio down as he doesn't wanna interrupt the music. 

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  • Sapphire

* Noah hears the radio transmission with the music on. He decides to sit down in an old barn. While listening to the music he takes off his backpack to grab some food and enjoy the music. When the music stops, he decides to respond to the transmission. *

'' Thank you very much for the music today! And I like your music style, please keep doing this! ''

                                            * Noah ends the transmission, grabs his backpack and continues walking towards Zelengorsk. *

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  • Emerald

*Jakob sinks down into his flimsy lawn chair and flicks through the radio frequencies until he happens upon 106.2. He grabs a bottle of fresh water and enjoys the broadcast, at the end of the broadcast he reaches for the transmission button...*

*Damn I haven't heard a song in...sometime now. Thanks for that...please, don't stop with these broadcasts. Fuck i miss Dean Martin...*

*Jakob ends his transmission*

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  • MVP

*Vita was absent mindedly flipping through radio frequencies, much as one would tear legs off an ant, or light matches one after the other. Her finger stopped and hovered when she unexpectedly heard what was obviously music coming across the air waves.

"Well I'll be damned..." she said to herself out loud.*

"Hey real music. Hell in a handbasket. Nice work dude whomever you are. This is about the only thing that has caught my attention for weeks. Good on you stranger. I hope you play more."

*She smiled for the first time in a long time and leaned back to listen as she sipped on her last Rasputin Kvass.*  

"Good on you mofo, good on you," she thought, tipping her beer to him in the moonlight.

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Iosif opened the small box of cigars he'd been harboring for months and took one out, leaving but a few left. He leaned against a tree that stood in the middle of a field, and in the shade, let the music and the smoke in his lungs lull him. Now, after the broadcast had ended, with a calm mind, he spoke out into his radio.

"Ahh... Good to know that other people still have music in their hearts. Brilliant tunes... Absolutely brilliant."

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  • Emerald

*Logan sits in his chair, legs kicked up on the desk in front of him, and the radio on the desk with it's volume set to high. The broadcast fills the room, and even though he doesn't know every song, it bring an almost nostalgic feeling of listening to the radio back home. When it ends, he picks up his radio, and presses down on the talk button.*

"You know, listening to that made me think so much of being back home... Driving my car to work or somewhere, having the radio on to my favorite station, Electric 96.9, and have both music and the host giving us updates on what's going on... Thanks man, you have single handedly made my day. Stay safe out there."

*Logan lets go of the talk button and lets out a sigh. Now what was he going to do.*

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Annie fumbled around the nearly empty house around a town she now understood to be called... Dub... Dubrovka? Something like that. As she opened a drawer, a battery clattered toward her. She stared at it for a few long moments before snatching it from the drawer, moving quickly to fish the radio out of her pack.

It seemed to be in decent shape when she found it a day ago... now she could see if it actually worked! Her fingers fumbled to push the battery into the back of the radio before she finally switched it on.

"Hello? ...Hello?"

No response.

She fiddled with the dial, searching for a better signal... it was after twisting the knob a few channels more that the tune of "Dancing in the Moonlight" burst through the speaker. She felt herself freeze, listening to a song she hadn't heard in... longer than she could remember at this point. Clutching the tiny radio like a lifeline, she felt the familiar sting of tears burn her eyes for a moment before she scrubbed them away in frustration. Annie couldn't bring herself to press the transmit button, but simply sat against the wall, leaning her head back and listening to the music.

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  • Sapphire

*Tucker starts to fiddle with his radio to take his mind away from his wounds and the pain it has caused him. He starts to flip through the frequencies hoping to hear someone he knew, when he lands on 106.2. He hears the music, sets his radio on the night stand, and starts to listen. His pain medication starting to relive his pain. When he hears the last song, he calls for Jelena to come into the room, and he slowly starts to get out of bed. She rushes to his side to try and keep him from standing up, but he stands anyway. He wraps his right arm around her waist, and kisses her neck as the last song continues to play over the radio. Once the song ends, he lets go of her, and picks up the radio off his night stand and depresses the PTT. Even though his pain is lower now, he struggles to speak. His voice is soft.*

"Well... that is something... I haven't heard in a long... long... time. T-thank you... K-keep playing the music..."

*He releases the PTT and sets the radio back on his night stand. He sits down on his bed and motions Jelena to sit with him. He wraps his right arm around her waist again and rests his head on her shoulder. He closes his eyes and smiles*

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  • Sapphire

* Sean was just drifting to sleep when he conjured up the idea to try and find contact on his radio, he fiddled with the channels knob and "Unchained Melody" came through the radio, he stood still for a while. The song reminded him of his wife on their wedding day, a tear formed and rolled down his cheek and his bottom lip trembled *

* You can hear his voice cracking up, almost about to cry * Thank you sir, your little radio transmission reminded me of my wife, how we would cuddle under the moonlight. Please keep doing this, you seem to be the only one making an effort to make this hell hole a bearable place.

* Static can be heard, his head hit the wall gently as his slipped down the wall bringing him to sit down. With his head still resting on the wall, more tears began streaming out, as he sobbed and the song continuously playing *

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  • Sapphire

* Noah hears the radio transmission with the music. He puts the radio on a table in a abandon house and sits down on a chair.

In his backpack there is a bottle of wiskey and he grabs it, then he puts his feet on the table and leans backwards.

When the music stops he decides to say something. *

'' Hello hello there..! Thank you again for that great 20 minutes and on the request I would like to hear Zombie from the Cranberries from 1994.

* You hear a quick laugh * Yes yes I know what you think now...But I just like the song and I hope you have it somewhere...

And the last song for the ladies, I have no idea who was there singing. I will certainly put my radio on this frequency in two days around this time for again a nice evening with great music. Goodbye and stay safe out there! ''

* He ends the transmission and puts the now empty wiskey bottle on the table. '

' Wow, that was maybe too much whiskey for today. ''

Then he stands up and takes his radio and walk out of the home. *

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*Patryk is sitting by his desk tired from the events at the prison the other day. He fumbles with his radio when he finds a station playing music. He listens for a while, listening to the tunes of his past life. So many memories are brought back to him that a tear rolls out of his eye. He quickly wipes it away and picks up the radio and pushes the talk button*

"You sir.... W-who ever you are... you are a legend"

*He pauses*

"As a song request, play a Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison if you can find it, Please"

*Patryk puts down his radio and waits for the next round of songs to come up*

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  • Sapphire

* Noah is sitting down on the ground at a wall of a farming compound.

After a day walking around in Chernarus he is tired and he takes a bottle of wiskey out of his backpack.

He hears some voices on his radio and takes it from his jacket. He is listening and then he reacts to the transmission. *

'' Gooood moring back! Dear friend, thank you so much for that song! I just love the song and I did not hear it in years.

Your broadcast comes on the right moment, I just needed it to relax for a moment !

Unfortunately I dont no any lady's who wants to help, but I will keep my eyes open.

Till next time buddy! ''

* Noah ends the transmission, takes the last sip of a glass of wiskey and falls slowly in sleep. *

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  • Emerald

-Twisting the dial on his radio, a groggy British voice filling the air.-

"What kind of gear you using there geeza?"

"I've come across a few vinyls in my travels along with some cassettes and CD's but no means to play them."

-Twisting the dial again, leaving static in his wake."

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*Vincent, sitting around the camp fire with his brothers comes across the signal, he halts as the music starts playing, he starts listening and subtly smiles, as he listens through the song, he can't help but feel like finding some headphones and always listening to this channel.*

"Hey there friend, Flynn Falcon here, keep up the good music, the one good thing in this damn fucked up hell we call home."

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  • Sapphire


*Tucker had set his radio to 106.2 to see if the man on the other end would start broadcasting his music as he cooked breakfast. He had a hard time sleeping, so cooking he hoped would help him fall asleep. As the first song plays, he looses his focus on the music and continues to cook. He had never heard the song, and didn't quite care for it. Besides, he needed to focus on his cooking. His attention goes back to the radio broadcast once the sing finishes, and hears the man speak about the 'threat' of rain. He chuckles to himself and continues to cook, ignoring the next song quickly after it starts. After the song he starts to listen again, hearing the man's story about the letters, and he song starts to play. He looks over in the direction of his wife, who is still asleep. He grabs the cast iron frying pan without oven mitts and quickly pulls away from the heat. He places his hand over his face and a single tear runs down his face. The song had brought up some emotions and memories he would rather have forgotten. He survived, yet many he knew were dead or missing, probably never to be seen again. He feels slightly guilty of this fact, and another few tears run down his face. The song finishes, and he continues to listen while making sure to not overcook his, and his wife's breakfast. The last song makes him chuckle. He never thought he would hear that particular song for the rest of his life. He starts to sing along with the radio under his breath as he puts the finishing touches on his dish. Once the song finishes, and after he plates his wife's part of the meal, he depresses the PTT and speaks, hoping to get the attention of the man on the other end, the pain in his voice much lower compared to the last time he tried to speak to the man.*

"Well then... now that last song... I really did not expect to hear this song again... didn't even know there were people alive today who even knew of footloose anymore. *he starts to chuckle* Okay yeah that was a stupid..."

*he sighs and continues to speak*

"The story you told about the man and the letters... For some reason it reminds me of an old movie called The Shop Around the Corner... except that involved a man and a woman, and a happy ending. I don't know anymore... Just be happy that you never really got to know the person I suppose. It makes the loss much harder to bear. The fact that you are... more than upset it appears makes me think. Have you never lost someone really close in all this? You didn't really even know this person apart from the letters. Oh what do I care, all this serves to do is remind me... and probably many others of days gone by."

*He stops speaking and releases the PTT for a second before depressing it again.*

"Oh and one last thing. I hope you have some older songs in your possession... Something was lacking with your last transmission."

*He releases the PTT again, sets the radio aside, and finishes plating the breakfast. Jelena is still asleep as he tiptoes over to the room they were staying in. He sets the plate on the night stand and tries to wake her up.*

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  • Emerald

*Ricky holds down the button on his radio, and laughter can be heard briefly before he speaks up.*

"Now, that's what I call fucking music! Big fan, man. Big fan. Running out of batteries at this rate, but fuck me if it ain't worth every last one I got."

"Anyway, I didn't just contact you to give my thanks. Any chance you've come across any records by Warren Zevon on your travels? American bloke, from the eighties or some shit. He's got some great fucking albums, that guy, and I'm sure there's gotta be a few more out there who'd like to hear him again."

"I know it's a long shot, but hey, no reason not to try, am I right?"

*He lets go of the button, ending the transmission.*

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  • Sapphire


*Tucker hears Ricky speak, and he starts to laugh himself. It's been some time since he heard his voice. After he finishes speaking, Tucker depresses the PTT and starts to sing*

"And after ten long years they let him out of the home. Excitable boy, they all said. And he dug up her grave and built a cage with her bones. Excitable boy, they all said. Well, he's just an excitable boy."

*he starts to laugh loudly over the radio. He releases the PTT to control himself. He depresses it again once he has composed himself and begins to speak again.*

"Ricky, if he can't find any Zevon, maybe we should just broadcast our own version eh? I still got the saxophone... And if he can find some Zevon, then I second the motion."

*he releases the PTT and starts to put his saxophone together. It had been some time since he played, his wedding reception being the last time.*

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  • Emerald


*Ricky holds down the button, and the joking tone is obvious in his voice as he speaks.*

"Tucker, you back on the sauce or somethin'? You ain't no Zevon, and god knows, neither am I. Now, shut the fuck up, and leave the performance to the professionals."

*He laughs loudly for a few seconds before it cuts out as he releases the button.*

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[align=left]-snip quote-

-snip quote-


*When you tune your radio to 106.2 a voice can be clearly heard. The signal seams to be strong, without any interference.*


*The transmission stops with the end of the last song. Franciszek is already preparing to leave. The backpack is almost empty, only a canteen, can of food and a chocolate bar. He notices that the record has ended. He gently takes the vinyl record and puts it back to a small wooden case. Then he flips the switches, turns the setup off and covers it with a large thick blanket.*

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