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A Message To Our Brothers ( Private Frequency)


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  • Sapphire

Dimitri picks up the radio and begins to broadcast a message!

"Dear my brothers over the coming weeks some of us have noticed that you have tried to make us change our ways for the good of our group, let me tell you this that we will not stand for this bullshit that you're trying to force upon us. We will not follow what  Anton Mel'nik wanted us to do, we will not follow this path that you're trying to force upon us! You aren't the only ones who have tried this and failed, Mr Blackwood tried to help us but failed so what makes you think you can do any better?

Dimitri can be heard sighing over the radio!

Why can't any of you understand that we're just too far gone to be helped? Me, Blake and even chuck who I have convinced to join us in keeping  the Mikhail Mel'nik mentality alive and keep doing what he taught us. The funny thing is that you can't do fuck all about it. So ladies you can join my little pig friend from the prison island in a game of hide and seek 

This is a message to our other brothers, I ask you to Jon us and help keep the Mikhail legacy alive and not fall for this bullshit that Anton and the others are trying to achieve. I ask you to join us and help knock Anton's  legacy off its little perch. I hope you make the right choice!

Good Night, Good Luck 

Dimitri's radio goes silent!

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*Mark picks up the radio with a horrible feeling in the pit of his stomach*

Dimitri....  Why do you want to do this, I do not understand..... You watched your brothers die under the command of Mikhail ... Innocent people suffer for no reason at all.... I know it may seem hard but you can change.

*Mark sighs as he continues*

The path you are taking yourself and others down will only end one way do you really want more blood shed over a single man's fucked up mentality....

*Russian voices are heard in the background along with familiar allies*

Please Dimitri I will only ask you once to re-think what you are about to do ... We do not need to fight any more we need to rebuild... We want you by our side.....

Do not take this path.

*Mark sighs once again as his ends his transmission knowing there will be more to come*

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Some people just dont learn...

You can pick the game Dimitri... But you cant change the rules

Fortune chuckled to himself as he walked north, listening to his brothers pecker and fight. he began humming to himself with the radio on,

There are preachers who kill..

There are killers who preach..

There are liars who teach...

And there are teachers who lie...

Take your pick my dear....

Cause it's all a... facade..

*The radio suddenly cuts off*

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*Makarov hears the message and lights a cigarette before answering*

Whatever, yes? Everything is a nice little joke anyway, yes? I just want to have fun, you know...

*Makarov laughs then turns off the radio*

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*After listening intently, Chuck grabs the radio, sighs and then holds the button.*

You people here where the reason I am alive today. Blackwood... The Blackwood Republic is why I am still kicking so Ill follow you until I am dead. This conflict between brothers is rattling my brain. Another worry to have. Something more for my mind to race over. This new leader, Randle. He reminds me of an old friend, striving for something better. But I also know that I must be there for you people, even if that means doing some real nasty shit. I can try to help you change but I don't believe people do change more than once.

*He lets go and thinks of something to say*

If this is resolved soon than my mind would be put at ease but I doubt that will happen. I will have to be on the fence about this, give me time... I'll figure it out, but I guess I am playing for both sides...

*Under his breath, but still holding down the button, he says*

...whatever the fuck that means.

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  • Sapphire

*Randle takes one more drag from his cigarette then flicks it onto the ground and begins to transmit*

I can't even fathom why any of you would want to do this.

*He sighs loudly*

Dimitri, do you not remember what happened to Mikhail whom you so gloriously seem to praise? He is in a hole in the ground, You should know you buried him for fuck sake. Daxton was killed aswell, Why do you want to follow a path like this?

*He kicks away the chair in front of him*

Dimitri, Makarov, I have fought with you long before you wore the masks, Please don't do this...

*He slowly releases the PTT Button and presses his head against the wall*

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James listens in on the traitor dimitris words while walking through a small town. he then grabs his radio and holds down the thansmit button

Dimitri....my brother... how could you turn your back on everything we've been through.. Mikhail was insane.. how could you not see this?

Out of the corner of his eye a shiny object catches James's attention from inside a garage and he starts heading inside to investigate

If you truly wish to follow this path.. you realize im going to send everything at my disposal after you... I don't like loose ends..

After moving some debris James finds a shovel and drags it behind him

you have 12 hours to come to your senses and fall in line or consider yourself a dead man.. and that goes the same for anyone who follows.. if you continue the path you've chosen, the only choice we have is to put a bullet in each of your heads.. you've dug your own grave today Dimitri.. 

The sound of the shovel dragging across the road fills the transmission for a few seconds as James releases the transmit button

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Randle, I never said I was going to pick his side, yes? I do not care about this side picking shit, yes? I do not pick sides, you know, politics are not for me... I'm more of an...instinctive person


Mister Bazinov can confirm it to you if you wish, yes?

*laughs loudly then turns off his radio*

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  • Diamond

*the radio clicks on and a weary voice comes over the airwaves*

-I never thought that there should be any path but the original. All these others that have come and gone are like rivers trying to stretch out from the ocean yet they all seem to end up right back where it all began. You know where I stand on this.-

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  • Sapphire

*Picks up the radio* 


This is not a matter of being too far gone. We are doing what we have to do to survive...Becuase of Mikhail I'm still alive. With the direction that we are currently going...we wont live long enough to see ourselves becomming the prey...something need to change....But I'm not ready to turn my back on my brothers...none of you. 

See you soon...No hard feelings right? Differences made os strong to begin with...no matter the leadership.

*Bashes the radio*

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