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Whitelist Help

Guest bandit-zero

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Guest bandit-zero

Hi there,

I have been trying to get past the question review on the whitelist page. I have failed 4 times and in 24hrs would like to succeed.  I would be very thankful to anybody who would help or review the rules and lore with me so that I can pass and be an active member of this community. If you would be willing  to help me  through teamspeak or through this thread I would be in a great debt of gratitude.  

Thank you,

Bandit-zero/ Dr. Styx Tucker

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  • MVP

Contact a CH or join the helpdesk on the DayZRP TeamSpeak and you can receive help from the fantastic staff. General community member are not allowed to help with whitelisting.

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  • MVP


Best of luck!

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  • Sapphire

As Samaritan said, if you need any clarification on rules, whitelist or just any questions in general regarding getting past the whitelist feel free to PM any of the Community Helpers you can find here or join the helpdesk on teamspeak and enter the "Waiting for staff help" channel.


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