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Invaild RP name.

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I am logging in to do a little RP and after about 20 minutes of play I get kicked for a invalid RP name. My name is Meona Desktop. Now that is not a invalid name as Meona is a first name and should be allowed to be used and Desktop is not a invalid name because it is a real last name of a American. So tell me how is my name invalid.

the name Desktop was a namesake that was taken from a real life name of a person. It is simply used now as a common name for a HOME COMPUTER when it was decided that the name HOME COMPUTER was to long so a smaller and more appealing name was choosen.

there should be no problem with me using the name Meona Desktop.

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  • Emerald

Meona Desktop - Me Own A Desktop

The last name is what I see you getting removed from the server and I can understand the reasoning behind it as the word Desktop is not a very common last name. I would recommend changing it to a more common name such as Smith or along those lines to avoid more removal.

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Desktop is not a valid last name.


I think that guy who owns the name would disagree lol.  

Op, I think he met its not a valid "RP" name.  Going to have to deal with it I guess.

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