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exceeded the required amounts on applicatins for whitelisting

Guest MrMoose5

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Guest MrMoose5

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

 exceeded the required amounts of whitelisting applications

 Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

 I have done the application 5 times and have failed everyone so far. I have read the rules and lore enough times to remember them of by heart but as I do the step 3 of the application the questions some are not in  the rules and lore and are very tricky to answer correctly. iv been trying to apply for about 3 or 4 (give or take) days now and has been exited to play on a dayzRP server but have failed to apply. I have been loving the community so far and I would like to stay with the community as its grows throughout Chernarus.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

 I would like to achieve a new try at a application or allowed to whitelist again

please consider my appeal

thanks -Moose

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Hello Mr.Moose,

The Admin team took another look at your whitelist attempts to see if there would be a reason why we would give you another try.

You failed a total of 14 questions during your tries and failed the same questions several times.

We give everyone 5 tries since we think that's enough to determine if someone understands our rules and can be a contribution to our community.

When we see someone that fails 5 times with multiple answers in each attempt, and in some cases get the same questions wrong, we see that you didn't take enough time trying to understand our rules - which would protect you and other players from rule breaks in game that would affect their characters.

You had all the opportunity in the world to contact a Community Helper when you saw that you kept on getting several answers wrong but you decided not to.

We see no reason to give you a 6th since you didn't show improvement during your tries. 

With the above stated the following applies:


Appeal denied.

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