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You made a mistake. [OPEN FREQ.]


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*For a while, Cid sat pondering what he wanted to say, occasionally looking over from the radio to Sue as she slept in the bed across the room.  He would mumble to himself under his breath, making sure to stay quiet so Sue wouldn't stir about.  Finally, after he had gathered his thoughts Cid firmly grabbed his radio and pressed down the PTT.  His voice was low and dark, but had a southern undertone to it.*


*There was a short pause.  The sound of someone breathing could be heard through all of the static.*

"I suggest you speak to me about this sooner rather than later.  I'd rather not have to go looking for you.  I'm sure it wouldn't take long, seeing as you are probably gimpin' along right about now.  How's that leg of yours?  Or was it your side?"

*A slight chuckle can be heard.*

"We can be civil about this conversation, yes?  I just want to know why you decided to do what you did that day.  What made you think you could get out of that situation unscathed?  Was it confidence or desperation, maybe even stupidity?  You hurt her, Luciano.  You hurt my Sue.  You saw how she was acting, Luciano... you saw how scared she was.  That was YOUR doing, Luciano."

*The feedback picks back up as he goes silent for a few moments, almost as if he was anticipating an immediate response.  As he hears nothing in return, he speaks again.*

"Do not... do not make me come looking for you.  This was your mistake, don't make me come fix it myself."

*Letting go of the PTT a long and drawn out sigh escaped him, almost as if something heavy was lifted from his chest.  Shifting his legs up onto the bed, he laid his head down against the tattered pillow.  He placed the radio on his chest, looking up to the ceiling as he waited patiently for a response.*

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*Luciano Leans against a lone tree in the middle of the field, Still bleeding from his wounds. He lifts up his radio still covered in blood*

"Your right....(He pauses to take a breath) You deserve an explanation for my actions that day. Then maybe you can understand i did. What was at risk. I'm sorry for causing her pain. We can talk but not on here. To many ears listening. Contact me directly with that frequency i gave you. Set up a time and place and i'll go to ya'll and talk. I'll give you answers. You have my word"

*Luciano drops his radio on the ground next to him and trys to keep his eye open, trying not to fall asleep*

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