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S2 | BadRP | Gear over RP


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  • Emerald

Server and location: S2 | Near Pogarevka (Near GM)

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 17/11/2015 | 22:00?

Daytime or Night-time: Night-time

Your in game name: Clancy Road

Names of allies involved: N/A

Name/Skin of suspect/s: "Jan Cranklew" "Ramen Raheem" "Yuri?"    There was around 8-10 of them though

Suspects weapon/s: One had a sword.

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):

http://i.imgur.com/66d7lbB.jpg [One night before the robbery (yesterday)]

http://i.imgur.com/C9gmJsv.jpg [After the robbery]

http://i.imgur.com/RBvSrr5.jpg [Names of 2 of the suspects]

Detailed description of the events: I had met two guys in Pogarevka inside the church. We RPd for a long while in which I explained to them my rather violent backstory. This included the story of how my cousin went about killing 5 men in a house after they had killed his sister, and how I had paid men to kill my cousin due to him blaming the death on me, and being extremely abusive towards me. A group of men then entered saying they heard talking and wanted the man talking about massacring people, and the two men I had just met walked out with them by accident. They then returned and the big group of what I believe to be Russians asked me if it was me, to which I thought they were talking about me asking a group to kill my cousin... So I go outside with this group and they immediately aim weapons at my head telling me to drop my bag, chest holster, all my weapons. They then begin saying how they have no food and handcuff me. I offer them some of mine which was inside a case, but it had already been taken. They lead me down the road to a field and they light a fire there. They then begin questioning me to why I murdered a ton of people, note whilst they did this they took my glasses, gloves, hat and mask... I told them I hadn't done such a thing and I only "killed" my cousin by hiring a group. They start shouting and talking and call me out to be lying, and I explain everything to them and one begins to say something along the lines of "If someone had done that to me, I'd kill everyone I'd be so angry". Some still say I'm lying and eventually after much explaining of my backstory they decide to let me go. I look at them and ask, "What about my stuff? It has personal notes in that I can't let go off from lost loved ones" and they reply with in a rushed manner "I don't give a sh*t deal with it". I tell them ooc that they can't really do this but they seemed to ignore it and after I asked "What about food and water?" the last to leave just muttered "I don't know go pick some apples" and rushed off. 

If this had not been the case, and the suspects had carried out a "fun" hold up and RPd more maturely, I wouldn't be making this. But from my perspective this group of men just took my gear and didn't have much else reason to do so, as I had explained everything about my story (which was their initial reason anyway) which therefore left them with no real reason to rob me other than to get gear, and the fact they just left so abruptly finished it off, just leaving me wondering what on earth just happened.

Note: I spoke to Ellie and Hassan just after the robbery had taken place and recommended I made a report to try and sort things out :)

Also: I will not be able to reply to this thread till roughly mid-afternoon to early evening tomorrow  

Hope this doesn't affect anything, if the suspects were called for PoV's it would be most appreciated,       Thanks!

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  • MVP

Calling Ramen Raheem and Jan Cranklew into the report to post their POV, and are also required to post the names of their allies involved.

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We were listening to the people speaking in the church for a while and heard one of them (LSA) speaking about how he had killed people and executed people in a house nearby, He went into a lot of detail of how he killed them and also mentioned how he killed his cousin. After some confusion about who had said all of this we figured out who it was and initiated on him and disarmed him. After some quick discussion we moved him towards Rogovo and RP'ed with him the entire time. We got to Rogovo and started asking him more questions, I think we were there for 20 - 30 mins RP'ing with him. After he told us his whole story we let him go and he complained about having nothing, We told him to pick some apples and use the well in the town.

BADRP: No idea where you got this from to be honest, We RP'ed with you the whole time having back and fourth conversations that consisted of serious questions to your statements about killing people / Hiring people to kill for you.

Gear over RP: Personally I didn't take your stuff, At no point did your gear get in the way of RP that was provided to you.

List of Allies: Dew, TheJuggernut, Frank, ScareCrow (Anymore and I'll update)

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  • Sapphire

OK. We're on our way towards Green Mountain, heard people in Pogorevka and we move in and have a few people listening in to their conversation. The OP goes on about entering a house and shooting everyone inside in the head, hiring people to kill others and so on. To us, clearly not a good person who we can let walk around in good conscience. So I walk in asking for who it was saying that, someone walks up and points at a dude. We walk out with those two guys, initiate on them and start questioning them about it. Turns out the one dude wasn't pointing at the guy to show me it was him, but to get his friend and him to leave. So.. we let them go and we go grab the real one. The OP.

We then move him and question him for 20-30 minutes regarding the situation, we get some here and there responses but ultimately feel we don't have enough to without a doubt decide on him lying, and doing all of this with ill intent. We then let him go in the middle of Rogovo. Close to multiple buildings, pumps and apple-trees. As we let him go he used OOC to try and demand to get gear before being released. We ignored this, obviously.

Regarding the gear over RP. You didn't have anything that we were especially interested in. One of ours took your backpack. I grabbed a protector case with food. Gear didn't play much of a role of anything.

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Obvious question, but does anyone have video evidence of the event? If so, please provide it on the report as further evidence.

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Ramen Raheem will be temp-banned from our servers until he posts his POV as he was online earlier and failed to respond to the report.

He will have to post his POV here in order for the temp-ban to be lifted.

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pov we are heading up to green mountain we hear about this guy saying he killed a bunch of people we were misinformed and grabbed the wrong people realizing that we let them go and we go and grab the right man we bring him (while he constantly asks why did you take my back pack) all the way near Rogovo were we stop and question him for a half hour or so we determine we don't have enough evidence to to keep him so we let him go and he starts going ooc about his gear and were tell him about apple trees rivers and wells in the town

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Ramen Raheem your temp ban has been removed. Please pay attention to the report as more may be required of you.
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  • Emerald

I asked many times about the papers in my bag because ICly that's all I wanted, which I stated several times.

I was a little annoyed by the fact it took so long for you guys to understand the story despite explaining it many times and still be robbed of everything I had. Your initial reason for the robbery was actually the things you heard, so when you "took in" what I explained I didn't really see any reason for the robbery to continue and thought it'd be decently sufficient to return at least some of the personal belongings my character had.

The reason I felt there was a hint of gear over RP was the point listed above, where after I had given an explanation, there was a pretty swift exit without any intention of giving any of the personal belongings, such as the papers, back despite my slight pleading, which gave me the implication that there was an intention of getting gear off me in the first place

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  • Sapphire

The only focus on gear came from you who spent a fair bit of the time after initially capturing you complaining about it. We didn't care very much about it. We cared about getting to the truth. Yeah, you explained to us, and you can get annoyed that we didn't believe you. But that's our choice whether to believe you on your story or not, could've have just as easily flipped your story after you realized people would stand up against you. Thus we were skeptical, and acted as such. None of this is particularly relevant to the report however as this is things that are only relevant from an IC standpoint.

OOC all that matters is that we continuously RP'd with you for a fair while and that we disagree with the claims made by you.

How long would you estimate we spent with you?

Regarding the note, that was brought up around mid-session, and plan was to likely hand it back once situation was done. After this the note wasn't mentioned anymore, so once we made the decision that while we may be skeptical, we aren't sure enough to do anything to you, and let you go. At that point we had forgotten about the note and it wasn't on our minds at all. That part is something you'll have to deal with in-character as well.

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Chat Logs:

22:28:39 : Group: Clancy Road: // You can't do that

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Verdict: Floor eleven-Bad RP- Not Guilty

Reason:  After reviewing the evidence provided the staff team reviewing this report has came to the following consensus

After reviewing the videos provided we have decided that Floor eleven is not guilty of the rule breaks you are accusing them of. During the whole encounter the  Rp they have given you is within in the standard of the rules, and is in no way what so ever any form of badrp. While we understand that some people may not like hostile rp that doesn't mean that its bad rp.

To the OP: You were left in an area surrounded by apple trees, rivers and water pumps. Once left alone, you had every chance of survival. You even had a fireplace nearby so that if you got cold, you would be able to sit by it and warm up. By no means was leaving you alone without supplies  illegitimate, however you go out of character to tell the accused  "// your not allowed to do that." You shouldn't have broken character to inform them that you thought they were breaking the rules. In the future do not go out of character over something like this. If you believe a rule has been broken wait for the situation to end and then make a report.

With the above stated the following applies:



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