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Guest Ultra_Turtle

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Guest Ultra_Turtle

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

I think it is fair however i wouldn't have known exactly when the initiation was because i didn't know if they took his radio or not. I am accused of lieing which makes sense from your end but i didn't know exactly when the situation had started or when was happening. . However because of the miss communication this means that it lead into a horrible chain of events from KOS to no initiation because i didn't gain those rights because i didn't know they had taken his radio at the time.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

My POV, i logged on to the server and then my friend told me he was being robbed and they were at the barn North of Kabanino. I then made my way up there and two people had him hostage. I then surrounded both of them. The main guy standing up was doing the weapon glitch where you switch your weapon back and forth, i wasn't sure whether he had his gun out. So i didn't want to take the chance because i knew if i told them to put there hands up they would then tell me to put my hands up because it's a 2v1. I didn't risk it and shot the man standing up. I then my way over to the girl sitting down who was apparently AFK. She didn't even react to the situation and wasn't responding so i took her out because she was AFK at her own risk. Then we ran off and kept Role playing etc.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

Undo my permanent Ban at least. I know i also had previous points which doesn't help my situation at all.

What could you have done better?:

I shouldn't have known where he had been taken hostage, however i didn't know if they had taken his radio etc. The main problem i had was the weapon glitch on my screen which is just about my luck however next time for sure to initiate on them properly even if they just raise there gun and shoot me. I understand what you mean about the lying which was a huge miss of communication between me and my friend because he only just began asking me to come help him as i joined the server. I know i messed up and should next time ask him firstly has your radio been taken and take in to consideration that even if DayZ is bugging out try to go along with the situation even if it risks your own life.

Overall i'm not trying to be harsh to my friend however i'm just not sure how i was suppose to know when the situation had started. Yes i was at the opposite of Kabanino when i logged in and when i thought it had started when he radioed me in but obviously not because it was 45 minutes after the situation had started. So the whole reason really this all started was because i was told to come help my friend because i thought they might have forgotten to check his radio etc. This lead to me killing them because i thought i had KOS rights on them. The ghosting part i'm not sure about because i didn't even know about the situation until i logged onto the server and i got a steam message by him. I did not try and gain any advantage when logging on that was just where i logged off the other night and was a coincidence because that's where my friend was being robbed. That's overall what i have to say and hopefully i can play on the only server i can actually enjoy playing DayZ with my friends on. 

Finally i can't enlarge the "what could you have done better" text for some reason sorry.

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Hello Ultra_Turtle,

For this appeal, an entirely different reviewing team looked over the report, the verdict and your appeal just so that we did not miss any information when it comes to your ban. After looking over everything, we have come to the same conclusion that Shark and his party of reviewers did.

The evidence provided in the report showed us the following:

KoS, Ghosting and Lying in a Report

As already explained by Shark in your original verdict, you must meet the requirements in the following screenshot so that you gain KoS rights while in a group;


In the reported situation, the initiation happened at roughly 20:17:22. At this point in time you were not online, despite your claims that you were. The first time you attempted to join the servers was at 20:47:11 before quickly disconnected at 20:47:52. Refer to the following logs to confirm this:

20:47:11 | Player "Eli Washington" is connected
20:47:52 | Player "Eli Washington" has been disconnected

After your disconnection in the logs above, you wait roughly 13 minutes before attempting to reconnect. Here is that log:

21:00:17 | Player "Eli Washington" is connected

As you can see, it took you roughly 45 minutes after the initiation to be in the server completely. This means you were not present or involved in the situation, this also means that would not have the permission to gain revenge for your friend. This is the definition of Ghosting.

Due to all of this happening, you did not meet the requirements of the KoS rule. Meaning you broke that rule as well.

While all of this is fact, you claim otherwise. Shark asked you the following question:

Where were you when they initiated on your friend?

I highlighted 'when' because he was asking where you were at the time of the initiation.

You respond with the following:

I was at the opposite side of kabanino.

As you can see, it is very clear that you claim to be nearby at the time of the initiation. Referring to the logs above, this is simply not true. This proves to us that you were lying in order to get away without a punishment.

With all of that said, this appeal brings us no new information that could support your argument. With all of that said, you had the opportunity to apologise for lying to us, however you did not take that opportunity. We have no reason to accept this appeal.


Appeal Denied - No action taken

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