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Swearing on the forums?

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So whats the deal? Is vulgar language a big taboo or something? Seeing that someone got a final warning for saying "Salty C**ts" Bare in mind that it wasn't pointed out to anyone on a personal level it was just a general statement... And another thing in the UK "C**t" isnt really that much of a n offensive word. So Im just curios if things need to be censored or something?

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  • Sapphire

It's still an offensive word we just use it a lot more Jacob so people tend to dismiss it quicker

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  • Emerald

Well, ill be a salty cunt if I have to censor my language.

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  • Legend


Nowhere in our rules does it say that swearing is not allowed.

This is what the rules say:


The punishment that was given was not for swearing, it was for breaching the rule which I just posted above.


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