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/moved to questions

Because of the low player ammount on both servers we decided that it would be better to have one server up with for example 12 players than 2 servers with six players each. If S1 gets to the max (50 players), S2 will be opened up again.

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Population is sort of down right now due to a lot of new game hype, mainly Fallout 4. I would like to think there is only 1 server up right now to get what people we have playing all on one server. When population goes back up, expect both servers to be up again.

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  • Titanium

Since the population is low during this current time zone, we took down the server with the lowest population so that everyone migrates to the one server.

We do this on occasion so that we get as many people on one server as possible to increase player interaction and possibility of roleplay.

This alternates depending on peak times for the varying timezones. S1 would stay online depending on player numbers during EU timezones and would be the preferable server if population is low. The same goes for US timezone.


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  • Sapphire

Makes sense.. Any idea when the Exile server is expected to be up? Hyped for that. :D

Unfortunately at this time there is not a set release date for Exile. However, keep an eye on this thread for any updates.

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