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Shiv [Story of James Stacy]

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  1. a knife or razor used as a weapon.

I heard the door crack. The fire was pretty much out, only embers remained in the oven. Silver shards of moonlight spilled in to the room and I took my sawn-off from my side. The door opened a little farther so I put both barrels into the door. The guy ran in, not hit at all. I have no clue why the pellets didn't go through the wooden door but they didn't. The guy knocked my gun away and jumped on me. He starts fighting with me and i'm still on the ground. I threw up a fist and a few curses. He leaned back and was a little stunned so I tried to get up. Then he pulled out a little shiv made from a sharpened metal rod and some duct tape. He slammed it down with both hands but I caught it. The spike was inches from my chest and he was leaning over me now, driving the bloody steel spike down. I used one hand to hold him back and another to reach for something heavy, finding nothing. The embers were close so I picked up a handful, burning the shit out of my hand. I smeared them in the guy's face and he got up, screaming like a banshee. I realized it was the guy I let go earlier. I took this as my chance and rushed him but he was ready for it. He dodged my charge and spun behind my back, grabbing me and punching me with the top of his fist in the gut. Suddenly, I lost my breath and this terrible cold filled my abdomen. I couldn't breath and everything went cold in my chest for a second, then I realized that dreaded steel spike was in the guy's fist when he hit me. Everything flashed a sort of gray and I shoved him down. I grabbed my rifle and in a last-ditch attempt clubbed him over the head with the stock. I grabbed my pack and stumbled out the window, trying to get away. After about ten minutes I couldnt run anymore and I finally looked down. My shirt was stained all red and I pulled it up- a giant hole was pouring blood all over my hands and pants. I fell over, probably from blood loss and exhaustion combined, in the road near a small town. I couldn't move, I just looked around as everything went black. I grabbed a handful of whatever was on the ground and slapped my belly with it.

I went unconscious.

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