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Joe? (Open Frequency)

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*Austin turns on his radio and starts tp speak*

"I met some kind people the other day. When they asked my name, I didn't know what to say...... So I told them the truth."

"I told them that I don't remember my name."

"So they named me Joe. I thought hard about the name and since I didn't know what to call myself, I went with it."

"Confused on what to do next, I headed to green mountain to......."

*Radio static raised*

"When I arrived I found two dead bodies."

"I buried them"

"but before I did I took some gear off of them. Knowing that they wouldnt need it anyway..."

"Sorry to the people that listen to this and beleives it's a waste of time."

"Thanks for listening in anyway"

"Joe out."

*Austin turns off his radio and puts it in his bag*

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Johnny hears the radio talk while he's relieving himself in a bush

*clicks the talk button*

"is this joe reddington?"

"you are in my notes, if you have memory problems i know the feeling!"


"damn i smoked for too long...well hey i believe i'm in a place called zelena"

"yeah so..if you need any help i'll put you in the notes if you want to meet me"

Johnny stuffs all he can in his backpack

"Doctor can't fix my head, but you may have a chance"


"goodbye jimmy no...hmmm"

"ah..joe! yes joe reddington!"

Johnny sits down to sort his belongings while waiting for an answer

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