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Ban Appeal


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

 I believe the verdict is unfair because we had two hostages one which was not following our demands.  the other who was not trying to disobey. During the first encounter the male hostage says and i quote " We have many friends  ".we tell them to be quiet untill we moved them to a safe  location. The woman hostage followed demands very well while the male was trying to disobey ever order given. He continued to talk so we both gave him many warnings. We finally said " Say one more word and your dead ". He then responded with and I quote " One more word ". We let it slide then he began to talk even more so for are safety and are own right of being disobeyed I shoot the man. I do not believe I should be punished for a hostage disobeying and having no value for his own life because he had more than two chances to obey. Plus we said drop your weapons he had a gun in his backpack  

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

Plus he cut the video at 5:30-5:40

 ) to make his pov better. 

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

For my ban to be shorter or removed 

What could you have done better?:

I could of told them you can talk when we move locations so there friends could not find us.I should of unloaded my gun put my finger off the fire button

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Hi Welden,

To briefly recap the situation, the two of you (Nick and yourself) informed Harry that it wasn't a robbery, but instead you were only checking them for weapons. Upon checking their backpacks, you did not seem very inclined to allow them to regain their belongings but rather you decided to dig through them for an extended period of time. Both of you had conflicting demands throughout the entire ordeal, one telling him to drop his things, and the other telling him to keep his hands up. The roleplay given following the initiation was severely lacking. You consistently told him to shut up, which definitely deters any attempt of roleplay from occurring afterwards.

The killing of Harry was completely unnecessary. While you may believe you were granted KOS rights due to him not complying, we fail to see exactly where the non-compliance was. He only asked for clarification of the confusing demands the two of you were giving. You had taken the radios, they had no weapons readily available with their hands on their head, and overall were not a threat to either of you. Killing anyone on this server should be a last resort, not an easy way out because he was trying to get you to roleplay. Roleplay is exactly what this community is about. If you're here to hide behind the rules and kill hostages for simply asking a question, then I can assure you that your time here will not be well spent.

Also, your chat line below was unnecessary. Out of character (OOC) chat should only be used for emergencies. This was unncalled for, and if you continue to use OOC chat as such, you will be punished if it is deemed necessary to do so.

20:41:31 | Chat("Welden Deegan"(id=)): //no more ts for you lol

You've failed to bring any new evidence to this appeal, and as such, we see no reason to overturn the original verdict.


Appeal denied.

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