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Ban Appeal

Guest DrPringles

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Guest DrPringles

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

I believe the verdict is unfair because we had two hostages one which was being compliant the other who was blatantly trying to disobey. During the first encounter the male hostage says and I quote " We have many friends ". Me and Welden then agreed we tell them to be quiet untill we moved them to a safe secure location. The female hostage complied very well while the male was trying to disobey ever order openly. He continued to talk so myself and Welden both gave his a multitude of warnings. We finally said " Say one more word and your dead ". He then responded with and I quote " One more word ". We let it slide then he began to talk even more so for are safety and are own right of being disobeyed Welden shoots the man. I do not believe I should be punished for a hostage disobeying and having no value for his own life because he had two loaded guns in his face and blatantly trying his best to disobey and be non-compliant.    

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

Also looking back at his video evidence the link is (

) there is a video cut at approximately 5:30 - 5:36.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

I'd hope that I could be un banned or have a smaller sentencing 

What could you have done better?:

I believe I had done everything right but I guess I should have stated do not talk until we move you to a safer location more than once. 

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Hello Mr.Pringles,

Another staff team have reviewed your case and came to the following conclusion.

Your defense is that Harry Wells disobeyed your order to "shut up" and that the video was cut in their favor.

From what we see there's nothing in the video cut out that would change anything in the outcome of him being killed, so there's nothing there to use. 

You state that because he tried to talk to you guys because he was confused on what was happening you felt that you had the right to execute a hostage that posed no threat other then trying to RP with you.

It's stated in the report that you initiated on them because you were concerned that they had friends around that would initiate on you.

You then proceeded to go through their gear and telling them to shut up.

During this whole situation you provided the absolutely least amount of role play there could be without you not saying a single word.

This is an role play server, we are here to role play and provide an entertaining experience for each others.

You hardly talking to them, initiating and then telling them to shut up is not considered a good role play experience.

Staff also find it very appalling that you don't seem to think that you've done anything wrong and instead try to blame everything on the victim that got murdered trying to role play out the situation he was in.

He wasn't aggressive, he wasn't hostile and he wasn't a threat. 

How you think that the kill was legit after all of this is beyond us.

We revoked your whitelist because you've gathered more then enough points within 1½ month to gain an permaban and we as staff saw a clear pattern during your history in our community that you have no understanding of the rules.

What we didn't know was that you had 8 tries before we started enforcing the 5 tries rule and was actually given a 9th time to whitelist.

This means that you will not be given another chance to whitelist and are from this point permanently removed from our community.

With the above stated the following applies:


Permanently banned from the community.

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