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Interview with Fish Socks

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The idea of interview a community member is to take yet another step forward towards bringing the

community together.

The idea is to create a thread where we will interview a random community member.

During this interview we will ask the community member some questions regarding the community and how their DayZRP experience has been.

This week Ark interviewed:

Fish Socks

Thank you so much for participating!

~ Tell us something unique about yourself! ~

I am a student currently studying graphic design and ceramics! I am in the process of researching and writing a thesis on the pottery of two specific cultures in the Amazon Rainforest and I'm hoping next summer to be able to travel there. In my off time I'm either here or working on illustrations.

~ How has your DayZRP experience been? ~

It has been very unique and interesting. I'm not one for playing games for long periods of time. Even games I find myself so excited about I get tired of if I can't finish them in around 60 hours. DayZRP creates such an amazing atmosphere in an already fun game, and I find myself seldom losing interest. Things are always changing. Stories are created. Real people influence this game in such a wonderful (and occasionally not-so-wonderful) way. I think it has the potential to be such a good creative outlet for people, and I know it has been that for me.

~ Have you made any friends during your time in this community? ~

Absolutely! So many friendly people. I feel like I spend so much of my time on TS just sitting and talking to people and I love every minute of it. Hell, I've had Chief and Josh help me shop for clothes before. Love and miss all my friends in staff, now that I don't have as much opportunity to be there. Marshal and the others in my group, all of the friends I have made in past groups, and the random nationalists I just enjoy poking fun at. I've made some genuine friends in this community that I would consider friends in my real life. Some have helped me out with a lot of real life things. I definitely don't want to start naming names and leaving people out, but you guys and grills mean a lot to me!

~ Is there something that you would like to see added to our community? ~

Very excited for Exile. I've been waiting for an excuse to play Arma 3 for a long time. I don't really know what to expect with it, but I hope it works out and brings something fresh and new to the table.

~ What are some of your most memorable DayZRP experiences? ~

Ugh, so many. It's hard to say. I will say that quite a bit of my very emotional experiences have been alone. I remember early on I had just completely betrayed a lot of people I was close to and joined the CDF. I walked back to Gorka where we had all stayed and I just bawled. The same happened when my character was alone on a hill where an old friend had been buried. But I've definitely had some very intense times with others as well. Anne had a meeting with Gamblers v2 and I wasn't sure if she was going to come out alive or not. I gathered a rag tag group of people together so I had the numbers and told them that if anything happened- to shoot me first and I would perma. The high stakes just made that entire situation all the more emotional and I had a very difficult time keeping my composure when things were looking grim.

There, of course, have been very happy moments as well. My character finally got married of her own freewill (her 4th marriage - 1st consensual). I'll likely be retiring her soon and so it's nice to be able to leave her on a good note.

~ Do you have a video of your favorite roleplay moment you would like to share with us? ~

I would definitely suggest checking out some of the slaver event streams! That was a great RP experience for me and I hope everyone involved enjoyed it as well. It my first time to run my Takistani character as a slaver and I'm excited to do more in the future.

Here is a plug of Marshal's. He was a slaver alongside myself. Him, Sunshine, and the Saoirse were great to work with - http://www.twitch.tv/the_dayz_marshal/v/21181470

~ If a Zombie apocalypse would happen in Real life, what would you do and what items you would try to take with you? ~

Honestly, I'd like to say that I would be a badass but I'm pretty positive I would die almost immediately. For the most part, I live on a college campus in a dorm room. I have a survival kit with three days worth of supplies. Then that's probably it for me.

~ How would you describe your play style on our Servers? ~

It really does vary so much. I've been in military groups, bandit groups, crazy groups, and survivor groups. I feel like I've been a part of just about everything. I just sort of go with whatever is thrown at me due to IG circumstances.

~ Is there anything in particular that you're looking forward to with DayZSA? ~


~ What do you feel is the best thing about DayZRP and our community? ~

I think the opportunity for creativity! So many stories to intertwine and develop. Conflicts, friendships. It's great and it is a great outlet for people.

~ Do you have any tips or hints for newcomers? ~

Please, please, please know the rules completely before you ever decide to be a bandit. Even then, I feel like it is seldom done successfully by newcomers. I recommend being an active part of the community for a while before deciding to become a bandit. Maybe run with some people who already know their stuff. There are so many things that need to be taken into consideration when taking hostages or robbing someone, and it needs to be a good roleplay experience for both parties. It was around two months in that I began banditry, and I was very fortunate to be able to learn from Johnny Denver. I felt comfortable in the way I was introduced into bandit RP, because I gave it time and I learned how it should be done by someone who does it correctly.

~ Is there anything you would like to see more of within the community? ~

I would love to see more powerful groups. I always enjoyed seeing one group being feared throughout the servers. You would hear their name from passerby warning you against going near where they stayed. I miss when there would be huge wars. All groups would be forced to pick sides in these conflicts. I just feel like groups don't interact in that way at the moment, and that is unfortunate.

I also hate this mentality of "staff vs. the community" that seems to circulate around here often. People appear to feel like the staff team is out to get them, that they stay in their channels at the top of the TS and look for people to ban or community suggestions to rip apart. That they do things without thought. This is far from the truth. The staff team works hard, and they have to take so much into consideration with every decision they make. They're not here to ban people or to bring people down. They're here to help..

Interested in doing our interview?

Well you could be the potential next one!

We randomly pick people.

Keep a close eye on that PM box!

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  • Legend

Great interview! I'm looking forward to zombies too.

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  • Legend

nice interview Fish!

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  • Sapphire

Needs more Fish aswell as socks.

10/10 interview!

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  • MVP

Fish socks, best grill <3.

Great interview

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  • Emerald

Great interview Fish Socks. You were perfect in that slaver event. I'm still thankful that I had you as my slaver instead of Sunshine, she... she was fucking scary... ._.

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  • Legend

Thank you for doing this and I miss you! <3

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  • Sapphire

Nicely done :)

Thank you for the read.

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  • Titanium

Miss you Fish

Great interview <3

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  • Sapphire

Great interview Fish Socks!

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  • Diamond

Great interview

i am already looking forward to the next interview

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  • Legend

We all miss you Fish.

Nonetheless thanks for the interview.

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  • MVP

We miss you girlfriend! Glad school is going well. You better spend the holidays with us :P

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  • Diamond

>TFW I never talk to Anne anymore :,(

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