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Server time (UTC): 2023-09-28 17:45

Combatlog S1


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Server and location: S1 Stary

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 16.11.2015 / 00.45-01.00

Daytime or Night-time: Night

Your in game name: Garbo Tarasov

Names of allies involved:

Name/Skin of suspect/s: Alexey Kamov

Suspects weapon/s:

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 

Detailed description of the events:

Got robbed for my shotgun by Alexey around 00.45, logs will show this as I text RP'ed during the whole thing. The last thing I told him was "Eat a shotgun?" at 00.49. He proceeded to log of the server at 01.00, limiting my options for revenge.

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Chat Logs:

00:45:36 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): Alexey?
00:45:47 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): Did you see that other man?
00:46:02 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): He was at this pump just a minute ago.
00:46:15 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): I'm not sure.
00:46:47 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): Nothing here.
00:46:57 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): B-but
00:47:06 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): W-what's goi- why are you doing this?
00:47:24 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): O-ok.
00:47:44 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): Ok ok
00:47:48 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): I get it.
00:47:52 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): I'm not a killer.
00:48:00 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): That is not how I do things.
00:48:22 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): Is this really necessary?
00:48:28 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): *breathing rapidly*
00:49:47 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): Eat a shotgun?
00:55:48 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): He-hello
00:55:55 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): I-I
00:55:58 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): I was just robbed
00:56:04 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): B-by some guy.
00:56:07 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): Called Alexey
00:56:13 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): I think he went to Novy.
00:56:26 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): YES
00:58:07 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): This is not him.
00:58:39 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): In stary.
00:58:55 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): He said Alexey
00:59:10 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): He had a shovel on his back
00:59:17 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): and a small backpack
00:59:28 | Chat(Garbo Tarasov): A little bit bigger than the children type

Connection Logs:

23:37:55 | Player Alexey Kamov is connected
00:55:50 | Player Alexey Kamov has been disconnected
00:57:47 | Player Alexey Kamov is connected
01:00:31 | Player Alexey Kamov has been disconnected

Calling Alexey Kamov into this report.

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Not on a computer at this time (mobile) but once I get back I will for sure post my footage. Expect it in an hour or two.

The reason I logged off was because I had to leave at the time to deal with someone at the door. And I had honestly thought that 15 min had past at the time. Also he did not follow me (I was watching the road) so I believed that it would be fine if I logged off.

Note: on mobile currently so please forgive crappy spelling/grammar.

Edit: Video rendering, expect in 10-20 min

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Alexey Kamov: Combat Logging - Guilty


We would first like to start off by re-familiarizing yourself with the rules regarding "Combat Logging":


You initiated a hostile action against the OP of the report, and then left that situation --as the video evidence shows-- at 00:49:47. This is proven at 4:20 in the video provided by yourself, by the fact that the last chat log seen before you leaving the area takes place at the time specified. From there, you ran and shortly after picked apples until the time of your disconnection from the server at 01:00:31, consequentially breaking our "Combat Logging" rule. 

We do understand that real life always takes priority over role play, but the evidence provided was not enough to build to your case, or add merit to your reason for leaving. The fifteen minute wait-timer after initiating a hostile action against someone else is set in place in the essence of fairness for all people involved, and gives the victim the opportunity to try and exact his or her revenge. This rule not only creates a more even playing field, but also promotes future hostile role play. By logging off after the hostile encounter, the OP's revenge rights were forcibly removed from him, creating an unfair advantage for yourself. 

Keep in mind that paying close attention to the time after a hostile encounter can prevent situations like this in the future. Also, it is best to note that if you are expecting company, or know that real life will likely cut into the role play or conflict with the rules, entering into hostile encounters is not advised. 

With the above stated, the following applies


Alexey KamovCombat Logging - 3 day ban + 1 Banstrike (10 points). 

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