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Loot cycling s2


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  • Sapphire

Server and location: 

S2 Tent cityy

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 

22:45 - 15/11/15

Daytime or Night-time: 

Night and Day

Your in game name: 

Jay Wongggg

Names of allies involved: 


Name/Skin of suspect/s: 

Artjom Morosow and Patryk Trela and another 

Suspects weapon/s: 


Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 


Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): 









Detailed description of the events:

Logged in on s2 as I died earlier. As I spawn in I see a guy running in and out taking things of the beds and dropping them off into a pile outside the building (shown in screenshot) I stand there for another 5mins and watch they don't say a word. Once I confront them There third friend ran off. I stay[/size] and talk they try saying how they just came across it OOC but I watched them take the loot and drop it off. Once I tell them I saw they go quiet and try leaving I tag along for abit. Keith and a few boys follow behind. We come across a truck RP for 2mins Keith steel cruns up we talk Patryk logs out before I can do anything and Artjom says he needs to log aswell but before he can I initiate and kill him 

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Guest Ghostrider0207

I moved to Myshkino tents and sayed to my group that they have to come here I found a bounch of guns and many stuff outside, and sayed that I need help. Patryk came to me and we took the guns that were l found on the ground after that I checked the barrack. Than Jay Wong appears.

You don't have sufficent evident of us loot cycling. I've seen people from your group record before, if we are truly guilty, why not record us? You have the tools to do so. We stumbled upon this, someone else had loot cycled. We found guns and took them, but we not once ran in, took things and dropped them in piles. The screenshots you provided in the report show us looking at the loot piles and looking around the area for anymore loot. You not once have anything showing us dropping and making new / bigger piles of loot. Your justification to initiate was invalid.

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  • Sapphire

My CPU is breaking and If I try and record I can't play. That's why I never recorded. In one picture you are leaning over the bed and you see 3 buis infront and oon the last picture YOU are standing over the loot.

Are you saying this is not enough evidence?

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  • Sapphire

Kill Logs:

16:52:15 | Player "Artjom Morosow"(id=) has been killed by player "Jay Wong"(id=)
16:52:15 | "Artjom Morosow(uid=) was KILLED by Jay Wong(uid=).

Hit Logs:

16:52:14 | "Jay Wong(uid=) SHOT Artjom Morosow(uid=) by AugSteyr into RightLeg."
16:52:14 | "Artjom Morosow(uid=) STATUS S::2940 B::2000 H::3800 HP::0."
16:52:14 | "Jay Wong(uid=) SHOT Artjom Morosow(uid=) by AugSteyr into RightLeg."
16:52:14 | "Artjom Morosow(uid=) STATUS S::3440 B::1500 H::3600 HP::0."
16:52:14 | "Jay Wong(uid=) SHOT Artjom Morosow(uid=) by AugSteyr into RightLeg."
16:52:14 | "Artjom Morosow(uid=) STATUS S::3940 B::1000 H::3400 HP::0."
16:52:14 | "Jay Wong(uid=) SHOT Artjom Morosow(uid=) by AugSteyr into rightleg."
16:52:14 | "Artjom Morosow(uid=) STATUS S::4440 B::500 H::3200 HP::0."
16:52:14 | "Jay Wong(uid=) SHOT Artjom Morosow(uid=) by AugSteyr into rightleg."
16:52:14 | "Artjom Morosow(uid=) STATUS S::4940 B::0 H::3000 HP::0."
16:52:14 | "Jay Wong(uid=) SHOT Artjom Morosow(uid=) by AugSteyr into rightleg."
16:52:14 | "Artjom Morosow(uid=) STATUS S::5440 B::-500 H::2800 HP::0."
16:52:15 | "Jay Wong(uid=) SHOT Artjom Morosow(uid=) by AugSteyr into LeftLeg."
16:52:15 | "Artjom Morosow(uid=) STATUS S::5940 B::-1000 H::2600 HP::0."

Chat Logs:

16:34:58 | Chat("Patryk Trela"(id=)): //WE STUMBLED ACROSS IT
16:51:05 | Chat("Patryk Trela"(id=)): //I have guests over sorry m8s
16:51:10 | Chat("Patryk Trela"(id=)): //gtg

16:52:08 | Chat("Artjom Morosow"(id=)): //gtg have a hard day tomorrow

16:50:30 | Chat("Jay Wong"(id=)): //AFK 1 MIN

Disconnect/Connect Logs:

16:31:36 | Player "Jay Wong" is connected (id=)
16:56:28 | Player "Jay Wong"(id=) has been disconnected
16:56:36 | Player "Jay Wong" is connected (id=)
17:03:37 | Player "Jay Wong"(id=) has been disconnected

15:55:02 | Player "Artjom Morosow" is connected (id=)
16:52:24 | Player "Artjom Morosow"(id=) has been disconnected

16:29:15 | Player "Patryk Trela" is connected (id=)
16:51:22 | Player "Patryk Trela"(id=) has been disconnected

Calling Patryk Trela to this report to give his PoV. Accused, staff is calling you to give the name of all your Allies.

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Patryk's POV


I was first off up at Lapatino trying to find a battery and a glow plug for this truck I found there. Artyom was down at Myshkino looking around before he was supposed to come up and meet me to help me fix the truck, when we hear him say, “Holy Shit there's a whole lot of loot here." He starts explaining what was down there. Instead of fixing the truck I decide to get weapons from the tents instead. I get down there and grab a gun we stay there a bit longer to look when Wong shows up. I did not notice him because I had a mate over and I was talking to him paying little attention to what was going on in-game (If you really want I can show you on team speak that he is here with me). We start talking to him and he also starts taking some stuff. (Might I add if we were intentionally loot cycling we would have booked it when we saw Wong but we didn't. Also, if he took stuff that was loot cycled, JUST like we did, we never loot cycled, just took from piles stuff we found ALREADY there, he would be just as guilty as everyone else.) I decided that I wanted to leave with Artyom and Wong tags along, which we don’t mind because it’s for the RP. We find a truck in the woods and I decide it would be better if I leave the game since my friend was already being very distracting. I inform them OOCly that I had to log, and proceeded to do so.

Through the entire time, Artyom and myself are not guilty of loot cycling. Artyom stumbled across the piles when he went to check the tents, but from the screenshots, I see no sufficient evidence of us adding to or making different loot piles. Everybody, including Jay, took from the piles that were already there, from before we arrived.

Also about the guy I met him on the way down to Lopatino I did not pulse check him because I believe that that is stupid and it breaks immersion but he did give me a name "Alan".

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  • Legend

Through the entire time, Artyom and myself are not guilty of loot cycling.

That is not up to you to decide.

Now can everyone please stop going back and forth whether there is evidence or not. The OP has posted the evidence he has and staff will decide on a verdict if the evidence is enough to warrant a punishment.

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  • Sapphire

I've talked to Pat and some other Regs Can you hold out giving a verdict for this report We are trying to talk out the whole thing on teamspeak. Thanks

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  • Sapphire

Please close this report talked to the accused on ts.

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  • Legend

We will investigate this case further.

At this point it is Staff decision to keep this Report open. Please keep a close eye on it in case we have some questions.

Thank you.

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  • Legend


Patryk Trela - Loot-cycling [INCONCLUSIVE]

Artjom Morosow - Loot-cycling [GUILTY]


We have reviewed this report and feel there is not enough evidence on this occasion to punish for loot-cycling. The screenshots provided do make the situation very suspicious but we cannot justify any punishment to those in the area.

However staff have been provided evidence from another source (

) which does show loot-cycling being done by one of the accused at an earlier date. With this evidence and logs from that day we can confirm that Artjom Morosow has been known to loot-cycle in the past and it seems very suspicious that he was first on the scene and contacting everyone in the group to travel to the location seen in this report. As everyone knows we here at DayZRP consider loot-cycling to be a very abusive mechanic which destroys all immersion and exploits the system to gain an advantage to which harsh punishments must be given.

To members of the Regulators: With our suspicions of loot-cycling confirmed we can only judge that you had knowledge of loot-cycling being used within your group. We feel that punishment for the group without evidence would be unfair so we would like you to consider this as a warning. If any further evidence showing group knowledge of loot-cycling or of other members loot-cycling comes to light in the future, the group will be dealt with harsh punishments.

With all of the above the following applies:  


Patryk Trela - No Punishment

Regulators - Group Warning

Artjom Morosow - Permanently Banned from the Community

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