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Annoyance with the Whitelist, and now im banned?

Guest GamingEmpire

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Guest GamingEmpire

Link to the source of punishment (report/post):

My Whitelist appeal. 

Why the verdict is not fair:

It would be fair, although i feel like i was cheated to a degree.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

So i came back a few days ago and found out i had to reapply for the white-list, although i had been on the servers a lot before i took a few months hiatus. I was in the UN, under the name "Ben Sanderson". I come back and I rejoin a server, run around Cherno for a few hours and then get kicked. Then it informs me i have to redo the whitelist. I thought to myself "Fine. Really annoying, but okay, understandable. I see why i have to do this. I'm not happy about it, but those are the rules." 

I've failed the Whitelist test 5 times, and im not entire sure all of them are my fault.

To give an example that happened last time, the question was this. Keep in mind this was the only one i failed. 


Now, As i understand it, Ghosting is not allowed, and Combat logging is not allowed. And obviously, a combination of the two is not allowed, so i selected none of the above, and this came up. Now, on reflection, i fully accept that this may be my own fault, that my logical thinking was not the same that the designers thought, or perhaps it's a trick question, I don't know, but i sort feel like I've been wronged here.  I can fully understand there being a limit on how many attempts one can make, but surely this exact example would indicate i do understand the rules, especially since i was already on the servers for several months previously. I feel like, when my last 3 failures to be whitelisted have been because of questions like this one, and ONLY these ones, is a bit unfair. After reading the rules up to five times a piece, waiting up to 24 hours, checking my answers up to five times and genuinely being terrified after hitting that Submit button, only for this to come up, i feel somewhat wronged. An analogy for how im feeling is that I went on a vacation, and came back home to find out that the mailman has changed the locks on my house, and i'm then arrested for breaking into my own home to reclaim to new key. 

I would also like it to be noted that, to the best of my memory, two other applications i failed were similar to this. Im not sure if its just a flaw in my logic, or an error, or something else.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

Well, i would like to be given a few more attempts to reapply for the whitelist for DayZRP.  I feel like, when my last 3 failures to be whitelisted have been because of questions like this one, and ONLY these ones, is a bit unfair. I genuinely loved DayZRP when i was around, and i really want to return to give it another shot. If i could be permitted another few attempts, or just be accepted as a whitelist ( Due to my previous whitelisted status, im not saying this to just avoid redoing the whitelist. I have no issues doing the whitelist again, but seeing as i was already a member i don't really understand the need for it again, but if required, i will do so.) 

To put it in short - Prepared to do whatever the ruled dictate has to be done to be re-allowed for the Whitelist and/ or back onto the server. If, per chance, you do decide to just allow me back onto the servers, but require proof, id be more than happy to expand a bit on the character i created, his name, and parts of his backstory as part of the proof. ( I'm only assuming that you have a database or file or something where you keep the Whitelist applications of the past, please forgive me if i am mistaken.)

I am, of course, prepared to accept that I've missed my chance, and if that's the case, although i am annoyed, i do understand and respect your decision. Thank you for taking the time to read this appeal, and i look forward to the answer, that i pray, will be good news. 

Upon rereading, I have noticed that this is very possibly me misreading. If thats the case, i do accept that this one was my own fault, however, for reasons previously stated above, i would like the appeal to still be looked at, regarding the two previous attempts mentioned above.

This is not a good day for me. I just realized i have missed out a section of the appeal. I apologize once again and will create a new appeal.

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