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Server and location: S1, Kabinino, just above the long brown barn by Kabinino just in the tree line.

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Around 21:08 and 21:06

Daytime or Night-time: Night-time

Your in game name: Brodie Kearns

Names of allies involved: Christina Jen

Name/Skin of suspect/s: Unknown

Suspects weapon/s: It was suppressed, some variant of automatic.

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A

Detailed description of the events: So, Christina and I were in Kabinino, I was role-playing that my character was under her control essentially. She ran into a guy, and we kept communication over TS. I was about 50 meters away from them the whole time they were talking, we brought the man to the long, brown barn, just beside Kab, by the lake, she took him into the barn. I then proceded to initiate, take his radio(he never had one). We were RPing the whole time in the barn, for about half an hour, talking about what Christina does and how she's going to make him her 'product', he went along with it, anything that we did to him, we asked OOC, and then we proceded up to a forest, we then sat in the forest for another 30 minutes and continued RPing while waiting on the rest of our friends. I was putting on a voice, and said a fake name, but Christina was just being her character. We then got shot upon, mid-conversation, no initiation, nobody saying anything, just me and the hostage, talking. He then said 'Tell me more about what you do..', after I tell him one story, as if he was trying to occupy me or something, I got a bit suspicious and the next thing I know, I'm dead, Christina also died, and in all honesty, it was RDM, KOS and FailRP from whoever just shot us, because they seen us with a hostage, or our hostage told their friend.

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My Pov: Also we asked if he had a radio and he said now after 10 mins he said something along the lines of "Well i have already told my friends over the radio" then we asked him again OOC (You can see in the chat log's) that do you have a radio and then he said yes; i don't know if this lead to are that he went on the radio and told his friend where we was. also there was no INITIATION at all and after they killed us there was not talking on the you are dead screen we would of heard talking but there was no this to me sounds like his friend was there or some random person was helping out.

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  • MVP

Kill Logs:

1:07:47 | "Brodie Kearns(uid=) DIED Blood <= 0"

21:07:57 | Player "Christina Jen"(id=) has been killed by player "Eli Washington"(id=)

Hit Logs:

21:07:45 | "Eli Washington(uid=) SHOT Brodie Kearns(uid=) by M4A1 into rightarm."
21:07:45 | "Eli Washington(uid=) SHOT Brodie Kearns(uid=) by M4A1 into rightarm."
21:07:45 | "Eli Washington(uid=) SHOT Brodie Kearns(uid=) by M4A1 into rightarm."
21:07:46 | "Eli Washington(uid=) SHOT Brodie Kearns(uid=) by M4A1 into RightLeg."
21:07:46 | "Eli Washington(uid=) SHOT Brodie Kearns(uid=) by M4A1 into RightLeg."
21:07:46 | "Eli Washington(uid=) SHOT Brodie Kearns(uid=) by M4A1 into RightLeg."
21:07:46 | "Eli Washington(uid=) SHOT Brodie Kearns(uid=) by M4A1 into RightLeg."

21:07:57 | "Eli Washington(uid=) SHOT Christina Jen(uid=) by M4A1 into head."
21:07:57 | "Christina Jen(uid=) has fallen into unconsciousness. HARD HIT Total S::35833.3"
21:07:57 | "Christina Jen(uid=) STATUS S::35833.3 B::4000 H::4596 HP::0."

Chat Logs:

19:59:30 | Chat("Brodie Kearns"(id=)): //brb
20:04:06 | Chat("Brodie Kearns"(id=)): //back
20:17:22 | Chat("Brodie Kearns"(id=)): *Frisks for radio*//do I find one?
20:17:26 | Chat("Kenny Dinori"(id=)): //no
20:17:44 | Chat("Brodie Kearns"(id=)): *Frisks for radio*//do I find one?
20:17:48 | Chat("Christina Jen"(id=)): //YES
20:17:59 | Chat("Brodie Kearns"(id=)): *Takes radio and smashes it*
20:18:42 | Chat("Christina Jen"(id=)): // are you sure that you want to say no
20:19:09 | Chat("Christina Jen"(id=)): //becuase we did ask you for a radio and you said no so do we find one
20:19:21 | Chat("Kenny Dinori"(id=)): //i do ahve one sorry
20:19:37 | Chat("Christina Jen"(id=)): *Takes his radio*
20:24:27 | Chat("Christina Jen"(id=)): *looks at his face*
20:24:43 | Chat("Christina Jen"(id=)): //Do you have any scars
20:24:48 | Chat("Kenny Dinori"(id=)): //NO
20:36:19 | Chat("Christina Jen"(id=)): *Pulls down his zip*
20:36:32 | Chat("Kenny Dinori"(id=)): *starts to take a leak*
20:37:54 | Chat("Christina Jen"(id=)): *Pulls ziper up*
20:39:08 | Chat("Brodie Kearns"(id=)): *Takes out small plastic bag with soap and water*
20:39:11 | Chat("Christina Jen"(id=)): *Cleans her hands*#
20:39:35 | Chat("Christina Jen"(id=)): *puts on her radio*
20:46:00 | Chat("Christina Jen"(id=)): *Smiles*
20:47:53 | Chat("Kenny Dinori"(id=)): //i am an actuall iraqi lol
20:48:04 | Chat("Brodie Kearns"(id=)): //Nice
20:52:11 | Chat("Christina Jen"(id=)): // do i have permission to take your toe nail off
20:52:17 | Chat("Kenny Dinori"(id=)): //granted
20:52:47 | Chat("Christina Jen"(id=)): *Puts the knife on his toe nail*
20:53:11 | Chat("Christina Jen"(id=)): **Cuts into his skin around his toe nail*
20:53:46 | Chat("Christina Jen"(id=)): *PUts the knife under is toe and pulls the toe nail off*
20:54:41 | Chat("Christina Jen"(id=)): // do i have permission to perma scar you
20:54:48 | Chat("Kenny Dinori"(id=)): //WHERE?
20:54:53 | Chat("Kenny Dinori"(id=)): //sorry caps
20:54:55 | Chat("Christina Jen"(id=)): //LEG
20:55:01 | Chat("Kenny Dinori"(id=)): //granted
20:55:40 | Chat("Christina Jen"(id=)): *Starts to cut a C into his leg*
20:59:18 | Chat("Kenny Dinori"(id=)): //u can do that without pemission
20:59:25 | Chat("Brodie Kearns"(id=)): //Just aming sure 
20:59:02 | Chat("Brodie Kearns"(id=)): //Permission to kick you to the floor and step on your head, so you can't talk?
20:59:33 | Chat("Brodie Kearns"(id=)): //making*
21:00:03 | Chat("Brodie Kearns"(id=)): *Kicks the man in the back, the proceding to step on his head, and push his face into the dirt*
21:00:38 | Chat("Brodie Kearns"(id=)): *Stomps his face into the dirt, and continues stepping on his head, letting go every now and then to let the man breath*
21:01:02 | Chat("Brodie Kearns"(id=)): *Eases his foot off the man*
21:02:21 | Chat("Brodie Kearns"(id=)): *Steps back on the man's head, pushing it into the dirt, not hurting him, but pushing the dirt into his face*
21:03:23 | Chat("Brodie Kearns"(id=)): *Eases his foot to breath*
21:03:31 | Chat("Christina Jen"(id=)): //AFK
21:03:44 | Chat("Brodie Kearns"(id=)): *Steps back on his head*
21:05:23 | Chat("Brodie Kearns"(id=)): *Slams foot onto his back*
21:05:34 | Chat("Brodie Kearns"(id=)): *Lets go*

Disconnect/Connect Logs:

20:47:11 | Player "Eli Washington" is connected (id=)
20:47:52 | Player "Eli Washington"(id=) has been disconnected
21:00:17 | Player "Eli Washington" is connected (id=)

Calling Eli Washington and Kenny Dinori into the report to post his POV.

EDIT: Updated Chat logs.

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Guest Ultra_Turtle

My POV is basically my friend told me he was being brung towards Grishino way towards some sort of barn until i lost radio contact. I ran in that direction being very caucious until i heard a person talking to a hostage. I knew this was my friend instantly. I thwn watched by for a while and on my screen he was doing the weapon glitch so i wasn't sure if be had a weapon or not. I couldnt take that risk of him 180ing and shooting me which has happened in the past. While i waited i knew these were the guys. I knew the only way out of this was to take them out after saying they had a buyer or friends or something, i knew i didn'thave much time before they arrived. I decided to take my advanatge and take them out(the gun glitch the man standing up was doig was a huge issue which i know isn't his folt). I took the advantage and took them out. I know killing the person sitting down didn't feel good because she was afk i couldn't really talk to her much obviously. I you have any questions let me know because i tuped this quickly on my phone bevause im RPing with two fellas atm thank you.

Edit: also in the rules you afk at your own risk. Just bad timing i guess.

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When Christina and I initiated, we brought him straight to the barn, after, we took his radio, and he said he didn't have one, also, you were not on the server for the initiation, so there is no way you had KOS rights on me or Christina.

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I was at the opposite side of kabanino.

So when they frisked him for his radio (below), you were at the opposite end of Kabanino?

20:17:22 | Chat("Brodie Kearns"(id=)): *Frisks for radio*//do I find one?
20:17:26 | Chat("Kenny Dinori"(id=)): //no

You didn't even log into the server until nearly 45 minutes later.

21:00:17 | Player "Eli Washington" is connected (id=)

So, you sure you were there?

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Guest Ultra_Turtle

Yes. I was trying to get in the server for about 30 mins. I was just in time before they asked for a radio from what i know anyways, thats what i was told. :P

Do you want me to descrobe my location better just in case of the distance radius rule for initiation?

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You're talking about the radio, not about the initiation, you were not there for initiation, no'r in the server, so you could not do anything at the time, the fact that you killed me and Christina, was KOS, you didn't initiate, and you weren't there for anything that happened, you only found us, then shot at us straight away.

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My POV is that whilst walking through Kabanino i met this woman. We spoke to on another for a bit. When she asked me to go the barn with her which i thought was quite suspicious in the first place. When i arrived i was initiated on by the woman and the man who also appeared. They of course searched me for a radio and at first i said no however i then realised that i already told my friend that we were heading to the barn, i then asked her for a second chance and told her i actually did have a radio. We then kept roleplaying for a while. They decided not to take me too far from the barn so my friend probably scanned the tree lines for me and found me as you can see in his POV. Then the woman went afk whiilst in the middle of a hostage situation. My friend then shot the guy standing in front of me. He then ran over to me asking where the woman was and we were both panicking because we they had friends. I knew she was afk so there was no way to communicate with her. This was a huge problem and we didn't have time to talk to her when they had friends on the way and we just murdered one of them. She never even reacted to the shooting or talking so she was still clearly afk and my friend didn't want to take any risks so we had to take out because of no communication and being afk. That's my POV if you have questions let me know please and i will get back to you, thank you.

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When they took you hostage and you were relaying information to your friend, did they bind your hands or were your hands above your head? At what point did you stop relaying information on the radio?

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When they took you hostage and you were relaying information to your friend, did they bind your hands or were your hands above your head? At what point did you stop relaying information on the radio?

no information was being sent to my friend because the last thing my friend knew about me was that i was in this barn then when all of that happened and i got initiated upon they took my radio and i did not transmit anything else time passed and he came to check on me because he was not hearing anything from me  since  i was not far away actually near the tree lines next to the barn he was able to see me being handcuffed and acted on that

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Guest Ultra_Turtle

Sorry if i might add does anybody have video evidence? Mainly because it's just word against word for the hands in the air/bindings and the rest of the story(me and shoraya do not have video evidence sorry).

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Eli Washington — KOS + ghosting + lying in a report — guilty

Kenny Dinori — Powergaming — guilty


Eli Washington

The reasoning for your verdict is very simple. You claim that you were on the server during the time of the initiation and within distance when your friend was initiated on. The fact is, you were not. The logs have proven this yet you insisted that you were there. The logs provided in post #3 by Kattica is all the evidence necessary to prove your guilt. At 20:17:22, Kenny Dinori was frisked for his radio, which would show an approximate time to when the initiation happened. At this time, you were not on the server.

To gain KOS rights, it's explained clearly within our rules here.


As you had not met Kenny in game, nor were you on the server at the time, you did not share KOS rights with him. To have potentially gained KOS rights yourself, you would have to reinitiated on the OP's group. With all the evidence already provided, you claimed: "I was at the opposite side of kabanino." Seeing as you weren't on the server, this is a lie. In addition, as you knowingly logged into the hostage situation within such a small amount of distance, this is ghosting – which of course we have a rule against here.

Why you insisted on multiple occasions when confronted with evidence is beyond me. With your blatant lying in addition to the other rule breaks listed and your present warning history, it's become clear you have no intention on continuing in this community. Goodbye.

Kenny Dinori

Again, this will refer back to the logs in post #3. At 20:17:22, you are frisked for your radio, to which you reply that you did not have one. A minute later, you are asked again for your radio, where you then state you do have a radio. When you are frisked for a radio, it comes with the understanding that if you have a radio, you are expected to drop your radio and mute TS, instead of lie OOCly and potentially continue to talk. When you are frisked, you are checked everywhere for a radio. There is nowhere to hide a radio in the situation. Whether further information was shared between yourself and Eli, we do not know. In the future, if you are taken hostage again and do have TeamSpeak, acknowledge it and mute yourself once you are frisked.


Eli Washington — KOS + ghosting + lying in a report — permanently banned

Kenny Dinori — Powergaming — 3 days + banstrike

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