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Whitelist Error

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I know I am posting right above a similar problem, so I apologize. But I just came back to DayzRP after quite some time off. I read through the post below me about the whitelist problem and I understand that I missed an update period. But, what confused me was I was actually able to get on and play yesterday for a couple hours. I eventually logged off in the woods with the intention of coming back and playing later that night. And when I decided to log back on to the server it said I was not on the whitelist. That is when I searched the forums and found out that the whitelist was updated, but that was a while ago so I was just wondering why I was even able to play at all yesterday? Regardless I posted a new whitelist application, and I'm eager to get back into the wonderful world of Dayz..

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  • Sapphire

We have an issue where sometimes our whitelist system goes down so anybody could just join the server, I'm assuming this is what happened with you yesterday.

If you missed the re-whitelist period and you could still play yesterday due to that issue, you still have to whitelist again.

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  • Sapphire

Seeing as Hassan has given you the answer to your question I will solve this. (With Hassans permission)


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