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Banned for life?

Guest ABoldSteak

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Guest ABoldSteak

For some reason I got a ban lat says it will never be lifted. What? Why? all I did was put in my age of 18 and then hit enter by accident. I didn't even get to put in my passphrase. can some one help me, Thanks!

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  • Sapphire

please update this appeal with the template found here:


failure to do so will end with this being closed without review.

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  • Sapphire

I have Never played on this kind of stuff Why do i get banned for a fail? Someone fix this please!

If you could read the link I JUST gave to you, we can attempt to do just that.

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you got blacklisted for being under age.

This is what you have to do for us to remove your blacklist.

Underage blacklist:

If you have previously been blacklisted for being under the age of 16 and you are now 16 or older you can appeal the ban by providing proof of age. You need to submit the following two photos:

1. A picture of you, holding a legitimate ID card and a note saying "DayZRP - Forum name"

2. A close-up of your legitimate ID card with a photo and visible date of birth. You can blur out other sensitive information if you want to.

Send these two photos/scans to [email protected] . We guarantee confidentiality and will delete the email and its contents once verification is finished.

This is the ONLY way for you to get removed from the blacklist.


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