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  • Sapphire

"Hell ... *Static can be heard* I've just escaped from a helicopter crash *he sniffles* i'm near what looks like a huge radio tower *he pulls out a damp map* Green moun ... *Static interrupts once more" I need someone to explain what is happening *static overtakes his voice again* Send help Plea *Distant shots can be heard* 

*The radio cuts off ...*

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  • Legend

Jamie hears the distressed man and turns on his radio.

I don't usually reply to these shitty.. distress calls.. Fuck it.

I'd stay away from the Radio Tower mate. A lot of shit goes down there daily.. so unless you can handle yourself then stay away.

He takes a sip of water and puts it back down on the step.

If you're looking for hospitality, perhaps head to the Colony. Or  check out the bigger main towns like Stary or Novy. Heck, you could even check out Dolina. 

He thinks about globally revealing Percy's Compound, then decides against it.

I can't tell you where it is. But just ask around about The Colony. They can help you out.

Good luck matey, Jamie out. 

He turns off the radio, and puts his feet back up on an old deck chair. 

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  • MVP

*Jan picks his radio out of his pocket*

Hi, the name is Jan.

If you are looking for shelter, you might come visit us. I run this camp just south of devils castle. It's an old summercamp.

We have a small group of survivors living in this place. We still have some spare beds.

Hope to see you around.

*Jan drops his radio*

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  • Emerald

*Logan listens to the distress call, thinking about how this man may not know what's been happening here and may walk straight into a bad situation. He picks up his radio and presses down on the talk button.*

"Hey there, buddy, if your looking for a safe place, well... I can't give you a definite answer on that. Sure, you'll meet people in Vybor, Stary, Novy, and Gorka; and the majority of the time, their friendly people you could sit down and have a decent conversation with, but you will get the occasional few who are willing to take you for all your worth. There is a summer camp south of Devil's Castle that has been turned into a small settlement that you could go try. I've heard their doing pretty good. Safe travels out there, and God's speed to you."

*Logan lets go of the talk button and puts the radio back into his pocket.*

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