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The Federation V2 [Recruiting]


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"We can do this, but we can only do this together"



The Federation was originally founded by Jason Monroe and Michael Mendoza on the 21st of April 2015. The dream was to create a new faction a new government for the country that was once called Chernarus.

Monroe’s Federation & Kenway’s Survivalist Union:

On the 30th of April just after the death of Callum Davies, the Federation decided to join forces with a Union founded by Kenway Lee. The Survivalist Union and the Federation were two different groups with the same ideology, to bring every survivor to safety and to rebuild society. They met each other and a friendship formed which lead to the conclusion that a coalition would be favorable. Jason Monroe and Alex Greenfield were the ones that proposed the idea to Kenway Lee who almost immediately said yes to this proposal.

The Federation was separated into two different segments; The Federation Military Corps and the Survivalist Civilian Politics Federation. The Military Corps was focused on keeping the civilian system safe and away from any external and internal threads. The Civilian system was working on the politics and agriculture of the Federation.


Old friends and enemies:

In a meeting with the UN in Komarovo, the Federation decided to join forces with the United Nations in their war against Blackwood and the Reapers. Things went well in the beginning, but they slowly started to change; Jason Monroe lost his grip on his soldiers and the group started to slowly split up.

The trouble started when Kenway gave the order to his men to force a young girl to sign a document that stated, the girl had intention to assassinate Jason Monroe.

The young girl known as Nora was a friend of Jason Monroe and when he received the rumors, that his own governor forced a friend of his to sign the document. He started to freak out and went on the run...

The Breakup:

On the 9th of May, Jason Monroe left the Federation and surrendered his leadership to his old friend and now enemy Kenway Lee. The reason for him leaving the Federation was because he saw himself too weak to lead and too weak  fix the problem within the group.

The End of a lifetime:


Kenway Lee: "After Jason left the group. After getting tortured by Nora, I thought my life will finally come together, I was finally going to see my family once more. The Federation, the old camp, the place we all had our time of peace, time of happiness. I remembered the cold morning I woke up, next to Eisenberg, as we did our final trek up the hill towards the camp. I was ecstatic, my family... After what seemed like an eternity, I was finally going to return to the people that I know cared about me, truly... Loved me. 

But as lady luck will have it, my hell continued, I can't tell if it was the butterfly effect, the fact that one small order has lead to the beginning of the end of my life, that one girl... A mute none the less is a linchpin in my a wheel that will slowly destroy my life...

When I arrived at the top of the hill, the scene I saw could only be described as a scene from hell, it was as if, the devil himself have came and destroyed my every last hope and dreams. Everything was in ruins, the tents were in ashes, the stove were overturned, the supplies looked like they have been ransacked and burnt to the dirt. No sign of the living... Only the dead. I wandered around the area, stunned not even sure this was a dream. Not a nightmare or if it was the reality, such a scene could only happen in the words of a theater genius like Shakespeare, surely it cannot be happening in real life right?

But no... The ashes of the camp felt real, the stench of rotting bodies as flies fed on them felt real. A few bodies laid around the area, some burnt and slaughtered beyond recognition, some made my stomach turn. As I tread the bodies, stunned, lost for words and to be honest, completely recklessly, I saw the worst sight I could have possibly laid my eyes on. The body of Max... Max Townsend, in utter ruins, torn to shreds, his intestines splayed all over the floor, gutted open like a lamb in a butcher shop, his mouth wide open, his eyes still staring at the sky as if frozen in time, but make no mistake. I've seen that look once in my life, from the victims of Pompeii, it was pure and utter agony."



Jason Monroe decided to join a group called the Scars after he left the Federation. Kenway and many other ex-federation members decided to join up with the Reapers.

  But, the two leaders met again...


On the 6th of July 2015, Kenway was the only one to survive that meeting. Jason Monroe founder of the Federation was killed by his friend which was one of the best friends he ever had…

It was not Kenway but Jason who failed…

But this time, we are prepared…

The New Order:

The new idea is to create a government, a new force that will lead the world to better times. This order is going to try their best to accomplish that goal.

The way we are going to achieve that goal is to recruit like-minded survivors. People that are willing to die for this ideology, for this goal.

The road is going to be long... And we ain't going to achieve it without a few scratches, but we can do this, but we can only do this together...


1. Create a stable government with a fundamental law.

2. Find and build a Capital.

3. Relive Jason Monroe's legacy in the best way possible.

4. Destroy the image that Jason and Kenway left.

5. Begin construction of town defenses.

6. Set up new borders for our Federation.


Commander in Chief:

- Dyson Monroe


- SoonTM

Drill Sergeant:

Elijah Storm



Sergeant At Arms:

- Jesper Hansen

- Lucas Hicks


- Harry Vergelden


Lloyd Evergreen







The State of Westlock

State Capital: West-Bree

The place originally called Sinistok is now claimed by the Federation and got the new name of West-Bree. The area that used to be in South-Zagoria has now become Westlock. This area will be under the protection and guarded by the army of the Federation.



- You need to be in the DayZRP community for 2 month


Age (OOC):
Country (OOC):
DayZRP Experience:
Why do you want to join The Federation?:
Why should we pick you?:
How does your character fits our lore?:
Additional Notes:

PM your application to; Slash

Link to old Federation thread: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-FED-The-Federation-IG-Recruitment

Special thanks to Hyde/KennyBoyo as Kenway Lee

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  • Legend

*Cries a little*

Good luck buddy.

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  • Sapphire

Special thanks to Randle for soon™

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  • Legend

Hope the advise I gave you will help with this group :)

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  • Legend

Goodluck. Don't try to hold up an innocent mute girl again, Kenway knows the consequences ;)

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  • Emerald

Hope the advise I gave you will help with this group :)

Yeah thank you for that!

I will definitely use it!

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(Just Do It)

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  • MVP

I remember this group, you guys use to walk around leaving pieces of paper everywhere right? Good luck haha.

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No thanks for me? It's ok, I got Kenny's beans.:troll:

Anyway, looks good from my point of view. Good luck!

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I did not expect this at all. I wish you so much success and fun and good times! ;)

Welcome! :D

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That makes three red beret groups. I see friction in the future.

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good luck with this it would be interesting to see how relationships would come between you and zbor

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Best of luck. Nice looking group!

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Good Luck Slesch :D

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