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Finally made it, who wants to join me?

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So, after having DayZ forever and loving it for so long, things about the game really started to get under my skin. Mainly being shot from behind after meticulously searching and walking everywhere trying to get gear and survive and meet my friends. I actually quit playing for a long time but still watched the videos on YouTube.Then I seen it......Dayrp, it had rules and community full of people whom from what I could tell felt the same way. I've been here a few weeks and can already tell i'm going to like it. There's been absolutely 0 people shooting me, but there's is a flip side to that. I literally haven't seen or met one person. and that's including 40+ people servers and peak times. I know it will happen tho. Just wondering if anyone out there would like to meet up? Lemme know and to the Dayrp Team? you guys have done a great thing here, Kudos.

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"So... who are you heh? A new one? oh... I like new ones... So you came here for RP heh? Yes? oh okay... well I have to say something to you... You just found the right spot"

// Welcome buddy to this awesome community! Be sure to check out this guide and don't forget to read the Rules and the Lore very carefully for your whitelist application and to improve your experience here! And don't forget to hangaround in the "Newcomer TS"

If you have some questions feel free to PM me or any anyone of the Staff.

I wish you a nice time here! And hope to see you in Chernarus!

- Stay safe

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If you're lonely on the servers you can always join the newcomers channel in TS. Maybe you and whoever else is in there can cook up some In Character reason to meet up.

If you're looking to improve your RP I'd suggest checking out Volke's DayZRP Masterclass, found here (http://www.dayzrp.com/t-RP-Masterclass-Learn-Improve-Roleplay).

You will run in to people eventually I can guarantee that, that said there are certain parts of Chernarus which one might classify as the main hub of activity but I'll leave that for you to find out where it is on your own.

Hope to run into you at some point :)

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Welcome to the community! Great to see new faces. If you need help with anything feel free to send me a PM.

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Welcome, Glad you enjoy it! Hope to see you in-game someday!

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Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here

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