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Searching the Dead for Answers [All Frequencies]


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  • Titanium

Gary Cash sighed as he squatted in the torrential down pour out in the open golden grass field by Green Mountain, reading through the notes he had just recovered off the dead body of the man laying inches in front of him.

Gary wiped his noise as rain water dripped off as he lifted up his radio clicking it on saying.

~-*zzzt*-~  "Just found a man in the middle of an open field... Or well... He found me... I heard him crying out for help in the middle of the field saying, "Please you gotta help me."  And as I turned to help the man, he fell to the ground, dead before he even hit the floor I'm guessing...  Upon running through his belongings I couldn't find a wallet or an I.D. but I found some notes scribbled down on to some paper...  ~-*zzzt*-~

Gary looked back down a the man before clicking the radio back on saying.

~-*zzzt*-~ "He may be one of you courier folk, I know you all run with those white arm bands on to signify who you are and what group you belong to, but I don't know I'm not sure...  All I do know is that judging by the mans thoughts he was jotting down on this piece of paper he seems to have been in a seriously detieroiated mental state...  Yeah I said it...  Even for all of us lunatics out here.  It is quite possible he was sick...  And quite possible that he may have been tricked into some kinds of horrific acts against his own will, based on the frantic descriptions in his writings... ~-*zzzt*-~

Gary thought a bit longer before realizing he didn't really want to be using the radio any longer because of his proximity to Green Mountain and he grew nervous he may be actually being watched at that very moment, after scratches his head through his bandana he clicked on the radio once more.

~-*zzzt*-~ The man mentioned a few friends of his... friends he wanted to 'remember the names of,' so he wrote them down, they included Marek, and some Doctor.  I forget what the Doctors name was I'd have to reread through the notes again, but honestly I don't think this in the time or the place.  If anyone thinks they may know anything about any of these people, including the dead man, or how to contact the alive ones, please let me know...  I feel bad that I couldn't help the man in life...  And usually I am too concerned with keeping myself alive to be able to think about others out here, but I feel like I owe something to this man.  Even in death.  Gary Out. ~-*zzzt*-~

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  • Emerald

*Logan sits under a large tree, having decided the night before to see if sleeping under the stars would make sleep any easier. The answer to that was sadly no. As Logan sit there, he hears his radio start to go off in his pocket, and a familiar voice on the other end. He pulls out his radio and listens to Gary's, patient to hear what he has to say. Though he had talked to a man on the radio who was writing down his memories because he said he was losing them, he couldn't be too sure if the two men were the same guy. But he did know Marek, so when Gary was done, Logan presses down on the talk button.*

"Hey Gary, it's Logan. I don't believe I know the guy you found, although I do have my suspicions, but I do know Marek. Although, more often than not, I just some how run into him, but I'll pass the message along and tell him to contact you in this frequency. Stay safe out there Gary, and God's speed man."

*Logan lets go of the talk button and lays his head back against the tree, letting out a deep sigh. "I still got a couple of hours." he thought, "I guess I can still try to get some sleep." Logan puts the radio back in his pocket and closes his eyes.*

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  • MVP

*Jan picks up the radio*

Guess we found out where the guy was trying to go.

Hope you will find out more about his death.

You can always come around camp Romashka if you wanna know more.

Safe travels.

*Jan drops his radio*

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