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If S3 ever returns..


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  • MVP

..Will it be the same "file" so to speak? The day it was taken offline I was just walking to my barrel to grab some items I cherish. Are those gone now or will they return once the playernumbers rise? Just wondering whether I should give up on that barrel or that waiting is an option.

Thank you!

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  • Sapphire

Yes, I think so. S2 went back up today and I was able to get my tent and all my belongings. :)

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  • Sapphire

When S3 Returns all loot (tents, vehicle's and such) will be wiped.

Meaning all S3 Stashes will be gone.

Your character will ofcourse be saved from the S1 and S2 hive.

I will mark this as /Solved

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  • Legend

S3 is indeed the overflow server. So any sort of persistence is wiped from there since it is not always up. This is not the same with S1 and S2, your camps and such will stay there. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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  • MVP

Thanks for the replies, guys. Bit of a bummer but back to looting I guess!

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