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T.O.R Survival Guide v.2

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*The following guide is distributed to all survivors T.O.R comes into contact with. Seeing the amount of people is fairly high, it is likely the copies of this guide exist in fairly wide circulation across Chernarus, at least the southern parts.*

((This guide will be written in character, but will contain out of character parts and chapters. These parts will be highlighted by using this marker "((OOC: ))". The IC part of the guide is obviously the only part that might actually reach your character's hands. Everything else is forum-only.

Also, be warned. This is a -massive- read. Use the chapter guide and the numbers to guide yourself to the relevant chapters if you dont want to view the whole thing.))

Welcome fellow survivor, to the apocalypse.

If you've managed to obtain a copy of this survival guide, chances are you've survived long enough in this dangerous wasteland to have learned the most basic lessons.

But if you want to keep surviving, you'll need more then the basics. Not everyone has the ability to adapt quickly enough, and unfortunetly the number of survivors are dwindling out there. We wont sugarcoat this for you, humanity is in trouble.

This is why The Outpost Rangers, or T.O.R, has taken upon themselves to hand out this survival guide. Within this guide you will find suggestions on where to aqcuire certain kinds of loot, how to avoid and kill zombies, how to find and repair vehicles, how to trade effectivly and to give you what nature and god seems hell-bent intent on denying you: Survival.


1a: Getting started (IC)

1b: Getting started (OOC)

2a: The Zombies and the bandits (IC)

2b: The Zombies and the bandits (OOC)

3a: Vehicles (IC)

3b: Vehicles (OOC)

4a: Trading (IC)

4b: Trading (OOC)

5: The groups of Chernarus (IC)

6a: Long-term survival (IC)

6b: Long-term survival (OOC)

7: List of other guides (OOC)

8: Final suggestions (IC)

1a: Getting started (IC)

Life in the new Chernarus can and will be hard, you will notice this the moment you set foot here.

Since most survivors end up on the large residential areas to the south coast when they recieve this guide, that's the first area we will cover.

Most survivors dont start out with much, so you'll likely be in a tricky situation right away. Some are more fortunate then othes, but our experience as T.O.R members is that people have it their toughest in the beginning.

Your top priority should be to find a weapon, and then food and something to drink. The first days of survival will include a lot of activity. You will need to sneak, run, hide and fight. These are exhuasting activities that require energy, so do not underestimate the value of food. If you starve or suffer from dehydration, you are in immidiate danger as it will drain you and make you vurnable and desperate. Always prepare ahead for the future.

There are many ways to get what you need, but unfortunetly the only real ways that dont rely on dumb luck involves you visiting the remnants of human civilisation and scavenge for supplies.

There are a series of minor villages, one airfield and two large cities at the south coast of Chernarus. The airfield is called Balota, and is the best area to get military-grade weapons.

The villages are rarely targeted by bandits, but they usually hold less valuable loot then the cities, and you still face a great risk from zombies there.

It may seem odd, but your biggest chance of survival may actually lie with the big cities. Yes, there are more zombies and the chances for bandits are higher, but there is great importance in equipping yourself as much as possible as quickly as possible.

The first city of interest is Elektrozavodsk. It has a mall where you can find food and drinks, it has a schoolhouse where you may find various tools and backpacks, it has fire stations where you may find some sort of weaponry and you may also find medicine at the local hospital.

But be aware, Elektrozavodsk is a frequently visited city by bandits, as they know of its importance. It is tightly built and these important buildings that were just listed lie so close to each other that bandits can easily monitor the entire center of the city with ease. Go here on your own risk.

The easier option is probably the capital city, Chernogorsk. It has the same buildings like Elektrozavodsk, but they are more spread out, and although there's a fair share of bandits here, you should be somewhat safer here compared to Elektrozavodsk.

1b: Getting started (OOC)

If you're new to dayZrp, let me start off by saying welcome aboard the awesome-train. Destination? Funville.


Many that come here find the dayZrp setting "how the game was intended" to play. Why? Because this is a roleplay-server, and it is very different from the normal PvE servers you'll encounter elsewhere.

In short: We roleplay here, and by that we mean we choose a character to play as in game, and we give voice and meaning to this character.

Although you may only have one forum account on this website, you may play as many different characters ingame(you can fiddle with this in the profile settings in arma2, giving different names and appearances for different characters, or change your current one)

What you'd like to roleplay as is up to you, but it is HIGHLY recomended you try to stick to something sensible.

It is important to note that we are in the eastern part of CHERNARUS, a backwater ex-soviet state. In fact, we're actually in a province of that state called South Zagoria. The exact geographical location of this country is still up for debate, but most seem to settle with it being around far-eastern europe(east of Ukraine) or near caucasus.

That means if you intend to roleplay a western character(which most do) rather then a local, you need a background story on how your character actually ended up here. In fact the more history you give to your character, the more personality he gets and the more "real" he'll feel.

But enough of this for now, this is primarily a survival guide. So lets get to surviving.

2a: The Zombies and the bandits (IC)

Now that we've gotten you started on your priorities and objectives, its time you get a picture of your opponents. You will likely need to fight tooth and nail against both of these to survive in Chernarus, so its important that you know their strengths and weaknesses.

Lets start with the obvious ones, zombies.

You've most likely met these already unless you've been living a very sheltered existance up until this point.

The first thing you need to know about these zombies is that you need to forget what you've seen in the movies. These zombies arent slow, they dont shuffle around, they arent as stupid and they throw very strong punches and powerful bites.

Unlike the movie zombies however, a bite wont kill you. Whatever caused these zombies and this whole apocalypse does not seem to infect across the bloodstream, but rather through the air or some such. That's our theory anyway, we dont know for sure.

It seems us last few survivors are immune to whatever has happened to everyone else, and it has given us an advantage.

But dont let this make you comfortable! They can still kill you, very easily, if you dont watch out.

If you find a weapon, one of the most important qualities you need to be aware of is the noise level. The makarov pistol is a common weapon that does a moderate amount of noise, but the enfield is a common rifle that is EXTREMLY LOUD. The reason why this is important is that zombies are attracted to noise. If you fire an enfield in a city, be prepared for a horde.

Also, unlike the movies, you dont need a headshot to destroy these zombies. Headshots do more damage and will likely stop the zeds dead in their track, but it requires good accuracy. If you cant achieve this, aim for the body, preferably the torso.

If you are low on ammo though, try to conserve your bullets for headshots.

Even if you face a horde, you have one advantage. The zombies may be fast and vicious, but in certain enviroments they slow down. The best place to fight them is indoors, as the tight spaces usually prevents them from running. Sometimes it even works in large hangars for unknown reasons. The point is that fighting zombies indoors is ten times easier then fighting them in the open. Out in the open, where they run, they are ten times harder to hit and ten times as dangerous.

You can even loose zombies this way if you dont want to fight them. Run into a house, attract a lot of zombies and then exit through a backdoor and run away. This will most likely get a lot of zombies off your back, as you'll be long gone once they've made their way through. Just remember to always have a way out if you fight zombies in a building, or you'll be cornered and most likely killed.

There is another danger during nighttime, and that is light. Strong lightsources, like flares, chemlights or fires, will attract zombies sometimes from amazing distances. Be careful where you use this.

Your second opponent is much more dangerous, and that is saying something, seeing that the zombies are not to be messed with.

Some fellow survivors have turned upon other survivors in their desperation, and lost almost all sense of humanity and empathy in the process. These bandits will show no mercy if you resist their attempts to take your stuff, and sometimes they will show you no mercy anyway. T.O.R does not wish to encourage paranoia, but it is a valuable quality to always be wary and careful of other survivors around you.

The bandits usually hang around at the following locations:

- Big cities, where they prey on other bandits or survivors looking for supplies.

- Big roads, where they set up road blocks to rob people of their vehicles and equipment.

- Airports, where they sometimes compete with other groups for the valuable military equipment or rob other survivors that have dared to venture into these areas.

The smaller villages, forests and smaller roads are usually safe from bandits, as they go where their targets go. There are some groups that stick to specific areas, and we will cover this briefly in chapter 5.

If you DO end up being robbed by these bandits, T.O.R highly recomends that you do not resist and follow their instructions. Almost all bandits follow a code to not kill survivors that do not resist. Wether this is a code made out of empathy or made out of the cold calculation that a victim they leave alive is a victim they can rob again later, is unknown.

In the end, the gear these bandits steal from you are not worth your life.

2b: The Zombies and the bandits. (OOC)

First of, regarding the zombies.

If you've played dayZ before, you probably think the zombies a threat you can largely ignore. This does not apply to dayZrp. Efforts have been made to make the zombies more dangerous, and this primarily takes shape in their damage.

DayZRP zombies will kill you in 6-7 hits, sometimes less, so dont ever let them get close. It is fully possible to "dance" around them out in the open, but the easiest way to fight them are in buildings.

Regarding bandits.

Dont let the front website statistics fool you(20ish bandits, 100+ heroes), bandits are plentiful on this server. People rob each other left right and center, and camp thefts, road blocks and shootouts are very common. You have come to a dangerous server, but it is still a server with relativly little bloodshed compared to its population.

The reason for this is the "code" mentioned in the IC section. These are our KOS rules, and probably, next to roleplay, the most important part of the dayZrp rules. If you want to continue playing here, you MUST follow those rules.

Just for the sake of repetition, we recomend you give that particular part of the rules an extra read.


If you find yourself in a situation where you feel those rules have been violated, you can write a report. BUT!(and this is important)

We HIGHLY recomend you bring any rule infraction report to a DISCUSSION first before making it a proper report. That way the other side can get a proper statement out before they risk being banned, and it can also mean the rest of the community can deliver their input in case you're unsure wether this actually applies as a rule infraction or not.

Do NOT post reports out of mouth-frothing anger just to get back at that sonovabitch that killed you, that is NOT how we do things around here. Reports that are false and made out in seething anger will bite back against the reporter, and they may even be banned for posting false reports.

3a: Vehicles

During the apocalypse, many vehicles were destroyed or left in a state of total disrepair. You will find many wrecks around Chernarus that are beyond saving, but you might also encounter the rare vehicle tha you can still use.

These vehicles are among the most prized possessions in Chernarus, because they allow you great mobility and storage capacity for essential supplies. The vehicles you can find in Chernarus range from everything to airplanes, choppers, boats, cars to bicycles.

Unfortunetly, they are rare, and you need to be quite lucky to come across one in a working condition. Even then, you'll likely need a toolbox and some spare parts to fix one up.

Also, vehicles will make you a bandit target. Few things waters a bandits mouth as much as a working vehicle, and they will usually stop at nothing to try and steal it from you. The more valuable a vehicle, the harder they will work to take it from you.

The perhaps biggest downside with vehicles is that they are difficult to hide and keep safe for long. Hiding a vehicle near your main camp can expose it because they're fairly easy to spot, and this quality ends up making vehicles trade owners very often in the lands of Chernarus. For most however, the advantages of vehicles outweigh their downsides.

To end this chapter with a footnote: If you are thinking about taking an airplane or a helicopter, or even a car, and leave the lands of Chernarus, know this: From what little contact we've been able to establish with the outside world, we know that the infection is not local. There is no guarantee that any other country out there is better off then us.

It might be a good idea to consider your options.

3b: Vehicles (OOC)

Just a brief note regarding vehicles.

This is a server with hundreds of players. With such an amount of competitors for vehicles, you should not be surprised if you cant find any just lying around. Sometimes after a restart you might get lucky, but generally vehicles are fairly rare unless you know where to look.

Many clans keep a few vehicles out in hidden camps, but they usually dont hoard many of them.

And if you do find a vehicle, you definetly need to have the mindset that it will very likely be stolen within hours or at most a few days. It is practicly guaranteed, no matter where you hide it.

4a: Trading

A while ago, some brave volunteers managed to set up the closest thing to a real safe zone Chernarus has at the moment: The trade post. The trade post can be found at the khlem mountain north-west of Berezhino, and is a heavily fortified base that is pretty hard to miss once you get close. It is also marked "blue" on most Chernarus maps.

Almost all survivors agree to a universal cease-fire while on trade post grounds, and here they bring their valuable goods. You'll see vehicles, weapons and sometimes even helicopters landing here in the hopes of bartering their supplies for something they need.

The trade post relies completly on this barter system, there is no currency. You offer valuables for other valuables.

The items generally considered the most valuable at the outpost are top-military grade weapons, such as silenced M4s, M4A3 CCo's, machine guns, sniper rifles and so on. Basicly the more rare and the more powerful a weapon, the more valuable they'll be at the trade post.

Vehicles are also highly prized in the trade post bartering system. Bicycles, motorcycles and ATVs are usually worth a little less, along with some civilian cars(especielly tractors). UAZs, pickups and similar vehicles are fairly valuable, and SUVs, helicopters and trucks are extremly valuable.

Other valuable items usually for sale are GPS, Nightvision goggles, Coyote backpacks and tents.

The market for more common items such as food(with the possible exception for raw meat) is very limited, although car tires and ammo has some value.

Because the trade post sees frequent traffic, it is not unknown for bandits to camp in the vicinity, especielly the nearby roads, to pray on traders. Watch yourself when heading to the trade post, and try to take less obvious routes.

4b: Trading (OOC)

The trade post is the only "safe zone" in Chernarus. It has a GM-enforced "no robbery or hostile action"-policy, and anyone violating this will not just be killed, but banned.

There have been very few exceptions to this rule, and most of the time the trade post is peaceful.

The only exceptions to this: Hostilities initiated outside the safe zone can still be continued in the TP.

It should also be noted that theft applies as an "aggressive act" at the TP. Dont steal shit.

The trade post has its own set of rules at the rule section. We recomend you give them another proper read, as breaking them is a fairly common infraction where people end up permabanned.


Finally, behaviour. Treat people with respect at the trade post, at least on an OOC basis. I personally recomend you use text-chat, because if a lot of people use voice-chat, then its gonna be a big clutter of voices that noone can really follow or listen to.

It is also recomended you listen to the directions of the TPD, that are sometimes present at the trade post.(more on that at the clan section below)

5: The groups of Chernarus (IC)

Ever since the disaster, people have fractured. You'll face many solitary survivors that will range from lunatics to saints, but not all have taken a solitary path.

It is generally agreed upon that banding together with like-minded people is one of the best ways to ensure your survival in this new world. This has both downsides and upsides, but it is usually beneficial for you.

Below is a list of some of the larger well-known groups and what they are known for.

T.O.R - The Outpost Rangers

The Outpost Rangers, or T.O.R as we like to call ourselves, are the caretakers of the "outpost project", an ongoing attempt to hand out free supplies to people that badly need it. At the time this guide is written, the project is being reformed to a settlement where people can apply to and live. More information about this will be revealed shortly and in later versions of this guide.

T.O.R currently only has a few people, having well lived past its glory days, but recruitment is open, and the group remains active in its activities.

Known Leaders: Tom "Tomeran" Anderson

Group category: Friendly

Group relations: Friendly to everyone, even if not the stance is mutual. T.O.R does not engage in clan to clan warfare.

(( http://www.dayzrp.com/t-t-o-r-outpost-rangers ))

R.F - Rising Freeborns

The Rising Freeborns are one of the larger groups in Chernarus, and their objective and behaviour seems to be mixed. They are well known for fighting against other groups, but have also committed robbery against solitary survivors. They are neither hardcore bandits or hardcore heroes, but lie somewhere inbetween. If you have nothing or little of value, it is unlikely they will bother you. But nonetheless, stay on your toes with RF members around.

They are currently known to be mercenaries up for hire, and are known to have been working with CLF.

Known leaders: Jukki

Group category: Mercenary

Group relations: Hostile to Legion, S-GRU and CSR. Friendly to CLF, Free Medics and possibly T.O.R.

(( http://www.dayzrp.com/t-rising-freeborns-currently-closed-recruitment ))

S-GRU - S-GRU Company 47

The S-GRU are russian special forces sent into Chernarus for unknown purposes. Previously thought to have been destroyed, the Russians have returned in force, although this time not with the motive to protect dr. Habib.(which was the goal of the previous S-GRU)

Their presence remains something of a mystery, since very few other clans have regular contact with their leadership, but it is likely that their goal of creating a socialist state in Chernarus remains.

The S-GRU are generally bandits, and are responsible for many robberies against individuals or clans. They have few allies, and are known to be aggressive towards most others.

They are however not unreasonable, and can sometimes be bargained with.

Known leaders: Fyodor Malikov

Group category: Bandit

Group Relations: Hostile to all except their allies CSR.

(( http://www.dayzrp.com/t-s-gru-company-47--7765 ))


The "legioneers" are ex french foreign legion soldiers that used to be part of the 1st airborne company. They were initially deployed by France to help contain the situation in Chernarus, but were overrun by zombie hordes. The company was scattered and contact with high command lost, as Chernarus descended into the nightmare that is today.

The survivors branded themselves "free" and are now roaming in the Chernarus countryside, doing what they please.

The Legion group is one of the more notorious bandit groups in Chernarus, and are almost exclusivly known for savage bandit attacks against just about everyone, individual or group.

Known leaders: Papa Emeritus

Group category: Bandit

Group relations: Hostile to all except Free Medics.

(( http://www.dayzrp.com/t-legion-under-construction ))

C.L.F - Chernarus Liberation Front

The C.L.F has grown to become one of the more powerful factions in Chernarus, and stand in conflict with anyone that threatens "the safety of mother Chernarus". Entirely comprised of native Chernarussians, the CLF generally dislike foreigners, and have taken it upon themselves to "free Chernarus" of foreiger influence.

They are known to take captives and interrigate them at hidden locations, but they always treat local Chernarussians well. The exception to this is CSR, whom stand as perhaps CLF's "opposite".

CLF is fiercely anti-russian, and CSR are pro-russian.

Despite their eagerness to take the fight to foreigners, CLF is not known for ruthlessness against friendly survivors. They generally do not commit hostile actions against groups that have shown they mean no harm to the citizens of Chernarus, even if they still dislike the extensive foreigner presence in their land.

Known leaders: Marek "Goz" Svoboda

Group category: Freedom Fighters, Ex-NAPA

Group relations: Hostile to Legion, SFOD-D, 24th, CSR and S-GRU.

Friendly with T.O.R, Free Medics and Rising Freeborns.

(( http://www.dayzrp.com/t-chernarus-liberation-front-clf ))

F.M - Free Medics

The free medics are known as the most benevolent faction in Chernarus. They are comprised entirely of people with medical experience, and they can generally be regarded as great philantropists. The medics help out anyone that need it and are, just like T.O.R, not involved in clan to clan warfare.

The F.M assistance is usually limited to medical assistance, but they have been known to assist people in other ways, such as offering transport and some supplies.

Almost all groups in Chernarus have a code to not attack or rob Free medics, due to their helpful attitude.

F.M also maintains a medical encampment at lake prud in central Chernarus, where everyone may go and get medical support(if there are F.M present) or at least some medical supplies.

Known leaders: Dr. Osaka

Group category: Friendly

Group relations: Friendly to all. F.M does not get involved in clan to clan warfare.

(( http://www.dayzrp.com/t-free-medics-fm ))

C.S.R - Chernarus Socialist Republic

The C.S.R are, like C.L.F, native Chernarussians. However there the simililarities end. C.S.R are fiercely communistic in ideology, and support their ideological brethren S-GRU in their fight against their many enemeies.

C.S.R's stated goals are to help the survivors of Chernarus, but the group has been known to be aggressive and conduct robberies. It is unknown if their top priority is to be helpful towards survivors or to fight the CLF.

They are in a constant state of conflict with CLF, whom can be considered their greatest enemy.

Known leaders: Vasily Malyy

Group category: Socialist (neither bandit nor hero)

Group relations: Allied with S-GRU. Friendly to TOR and FM.

Hostile towards CLF and Blue Cloud.

(( http://www.dayzrp.com/t-csr-chernarussian-socialistic-republic-new-thread ))

SFOD-D - 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta

SFOD-D are american special forces deployed to the Chernarus theater in order to "support and coordinate" with the civilian population.

It is unknown at this time if SFOD-D is acting on own initiative or if they still have active contact with high command, due to the state of the world.

Still, this group is not known to conduct hostile action against innocent survivors, and instead primarily targets "terrorist groups" such as CLF, Legion and S-GRU.

They are working together with the 24th, also an american unit, and have been known to conduct effective raids against their enemies all over Chernarus.

Still, the SFOD-D "primary" territory is "AO Liberty", the south-east coastal region of Chernarus and all the way inland up to Msta.

Known leaders: Mavasaur

Group category: American Forces, Semi-friendly

Group relations: Hostile to CLF, S-GRU and Legion.

Friendly with 24th.

(( http://www.dayzrp.com/t-1st-special-forces-operational-detachment-delta ))

24th - 24th Marine Expeditionary unit

The 24th is a group of american soldiers that were deployed to Chernarus from the USS New York to help contain the outbreak. Like Legion, they were overwhelmed by zombies and cut off from the outside world when they lost most of their hardware.

Unlike Legion however, the 24th has not descended into banditry and instead try to maintain their original mission, despite having no contact with command.

The 24th are generally friendly to survivors, but like SFOD-D, their only american allies, they are activly taking efforts to fight "terrorist" groups such as CLF and S-GRU.

The 24th have high numbers, as it was a whole company being deployed and since most of them are seasoned soldiers, thus having managed to survive so far. Thus the 24th stands, in terms of numbers at least, as one of the strongest groups in Chernarus.

Known leaders: Captain J. Shields (forum name: Primus Palus)

Clan category: American military

Clan relations: Friendly with SFOD-D, hostile with CLF and S-GRU.

(( http://www.dayzrp.com/t-24th-marine-expeditionary-unit-currently-recruiting ))

TPD - Trade Post Defenders

The TPD have taken it upon themselves to try and maintain order in one of the few safe zones that Chernarus can offer.

It was formed out of the dire need for increased trade post safety, as reports of violence and gunfights at the post was increasing, to the degree that some traders refused to go there.

This group is comprised of volunteers from many groups, and part-time membership of the TPD does not exclude membership of other groups.

The group tries to maintain order through diplomacy when possible, but are known to use display of force when absolutly neccecery.

They are a generally friendly group, and usually tries to offer assistance to anyone that needs it at the trade post. They have been known to stock up on supplies and distribute it freely at the post, like TOR with their outpost project or the FM at camp prud.

Known leaders: Trilby Ash

Group category: Friendly

Group relations: Friendly to everyone that stays orderly at the trade post. TPD does not involve itself in clan to clan warfare.

(( http://www.dayzrp.com/t-trade-post-defenders--7662 ))

R.S.M - Raven Shield Merceneries

The RSM are a largely neutral group of mercenaries, although they refer to themselves as a private military company.

They act as most other merceneries do, and thus accept payment(bartering) for everything from assasination to protection.

The perhaps unusual trait is that the RSM maintains the buerocratic side of the military company despite the zombie apocalypse, and favor "legally"-binding contracts when signing a deal with someone.

Since law enforcement does not generally exist anymore, the RSM usually demands at least half their payment up front.

They are not generally hostile towards survivors unless specificly paid to be.

Known leaders: Morgan Riggs

Clan category: Mercenery

Clan relations: Neutral to most, but friendly to Free Medics. Hostile to Blue Cloud, S-GRU and Legion.

(( http://www.dayzrp.com/t-r-s-m-raven-shield-mercenaries-recruiting ))

B.C - Blue Cloud

Blue Cloud is something of a mystery group, as very little is known about them.

Their current purpose in Chernarus remains unknown, but they are known to conduct hostile action towards many of the other groups in Chernarus. Their general stance is thus considered hostile.

However, BC aggression towards lonely survivors is limited, and at times some of them have been known to be willing to cooperate with others...for a price.

Known leaders: Pablo Mendez (Forum name: Cadan )

Clan category: Bandit, Mercenery

Clan relations: Hostile to just about any group except the Free Medics.

Those are the largest and more well-known groups currently operating in Chernarus, but there are also more smaller ones. Unfortunetly we'd run out of paper if we intended to list all of them, but no matter what group you come across, remember to be careful.

This list will probably be updated regurly as more groups form and fall.

((Brief OOC note: There are tons of clans that are not listed here, but clans generally have to have existed and survived for a while on the server to qualify for the list, as well as having at least a few members and not be one-man clans. Activity is another obvious requirement, the clans listed need to have been active lately.

Also: Any group that wishes me to update their clan details or for me to add their clan to the clan list, let me know in this thread or through a PM, and I'll get on it, if I deem the request reasonable.))

6a: Long-term survival (IC)

Surviving a few days is something even less experienced people can do, but the ability to survive for weeks and months and hopefully until you die of old age, that is quite another.

If you're reading this, you've already survived for a long time, and I tip my hat to you for the effort. But in order for our race to survive, you have to think long-term.

If you want to survive long-term, you have a few options.

The first is to quickly find some essential tools and go out and hide in the woods. Dont ever visit civilized areas and always stay away from other people, just live on berries, wild animals and water.

This is probably the safest path, you're likely to survive for a long time if you know what you're doing. The question you need to ask yourself however: Is it worth it? Shutting yourself off from people and living a solitary life, on nothing but the very basic essentials...some people would not call that living, just enduring.

Another option is to try your luck elsewhere. News from the outside world has been scarce, but from what we've been able to tell, the zombies are not just a local Chernorussian phenomenon. For all we know, the rest of the world could be in our state. So its not a guarantee that you'll be better off elsewhere.

If you do intend to go elsewhere, procure a vehicle, preferably an aircraft or a helicopter, before you leave. It will probably help you immensely.

The third option is the officially suggested one by this guide: You adapt.

The world as we know it may have ended, but it doesnt mean you have to end with it. You can still be social with other people, you can still hang around other cities and you can even take the fight to the zombies. You can do this and survive, if you watch yourself and value your life.

All humans have built in survival instincts. It may have been dampened by the comfort we've been living in for the past decades, but its still there. Trust your instinct and dont risk your life.

Here are some suggestions that should vastly increase your life expectancy:

- If bandits try to rob you, dont resist. Follow instructions and the chances are high they will let you go. Its a heckova downer to loose your gear, but your life isnt worth it.

- If chased by zombies, use the terrain and any local buildings to your advantage. Think before you fight, and unless you have a massive strategic advantage, dont ever fight zombies head-on out in the open. Dont ever underestimate them.

- Find a fellow survivor, or survivors, to band up with. Its dangerous to go alone, and although there are significant risks teaming up with other people, the advantages usually outweigh the downsides.

- Try to get on as few people's bad sides as possible. Yes it may sound like I suggest you kiss arse, and that is not too far off from the truth. By being polite and not rubbing people off the wrong way, your life expectancy will dramaticly increase. In this new world people can snap at a moments notice and then turn on you. By being diplomatic, this can usually be avoided, and might put you in good standing with some other groups.

- Dont ever scavenge or fight while in a poor condition. If you've been bruised up or beaten, or shot by bandits, dont shrug it off and continue out of some egoistical "I can take it!"-attitude, it WILL get you killed, quickly. Always have your wounds tended to and go out into the dangers of Chernarus as prepared as possible.

- If you hear intense gunfire near you, leave the area. Chances are you'll be walking into a gunfight between groups, and collateral damage happens very easily in those situations. Even if it was just someone shooting zombies, you'll be safer off by staying away from survivors with weapons that you dont know.

- Prepare for the future. Always stock up extra reserves, be it medicine, food, ammo and drinks. You'll need it eventually and it never hurts to come prepared. In fact in this world, its likely to be the difference between life and death.

If you are travelling far, you need to stock up on more. And always ALWAYS have spare medicine in your backpack or in your pockets, going off any longer distance without medical supplies is near suicide. The hospital is by far the best places to find what you need, but they are far apart.

6b: Long-term survival (OOC)

The OOC part of this chapter will not discuss survival ingame, but rather "survival" in the dayzRP community. The suggestions below are pointers on how you make yourself a lasting (and liked!) member of the community.

In short, the suggestions here are fairly obvious but should be listed anyway. Sometimes we need to be reminded of the obvious.

- Stay respectful and keep your temper.

Conflicts happen in this community, in fact its fairly common. Due to the cruel nature of dayZ, emotions easily flare up and people get upset over what shouldnt really matter.

So before you write an angry thread reply, IRC comment or even worse, an angry report, take a step back, take a big breather, and think about it, and the effect it will have not only for you but for the person you're aiming it at.

Stay respectful and level-headed, and you will generally be greeted with the same attitude. In short: Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself.

- Remember rule nr.1 in dayZ: You will loose your stuff.

This rule applies to everyone, and the primary reason its there is so people wont go allout rage when it does happen. Unfortunetly rather few people seem to heed the rule, because boiling rage over gear-loss is one of the most common ingridients for forum-drama.

You need to have this mindset that the stuff you pick up is highly tempoary, and in dayZrp, it should also not be your top priority. The top priority in this community should be, in this author's humble opinion, roleplay.

- Roleplay as much as possible about as much as possible.

You dont have to be an expert roleplayer to apply to this community. Most people here generally dont have years of online rp experience, and pretty much make it up as they go along.

And that is fine.

In general, its fine if you roleplay as much as you can, but keep in mind that when it comes to crucial interaction with others, you should roleplay as much as possible.

Try to leave out OOC details in direct chat, and if you must go OOC, I suggest you mark it down like in this example:

((OOC: Sorry guys, someone's ringing at the door. Be right back. ))

- Metagaming and powergaming is bad.

I wont go into details about this, but I really suggest you try to avoid these two things.

Metagaming is when your CHARACTER knows information that he impossibly could've learned through a proper IC way. Examples include names of people, locations of people or other details that you've learned through an IRL way, for example an OOC conversation in teamspeak.

Metagaming is usually one of the trickier parts for a new roleplayer to avoid, and it does take some practice.

Powergaming is usually easier to avoid.

When someone is powergaming, their characters are all-powerful and make no mistakes. They show no fear, have no flaws and knows everything, have every skill and of course they can snipe a fly from a kilometer with a makarov pistol.

Roleplay your character with some limitations. You dont have to roleplay a blind cripple who's only skill is to not being good at anything, but some limitations are good and helps make your character interesting.

7: List of other guides (OOC)

I wont pretend this guide will cover even 50% of what you need to know about dayZrp. So here are some other guides made by other people that you might find interesting.

Hopefully you'll find what you need.

(note: This list will not contain guides for technical issues regarding dayZrp)

SumoS's guide on how to apply to a clan:


Mavasaur's highly recomended guide for new dayZRP players:


King Turo's short guide on roleplay


Mace's guide on in-character interaction


Khardia's "Behaviour" guide


Sir Hawke's "Bandits" and "Victim" basic RP guide


TrilbyAsh's basic roleplaying guide


Khardia's forum guide


8: Final suggestions (IC)

This guide will never try to tell you what to do, all of the things written here are suggestions.

They are however suggestions written out of considerable experience, experience coming from people that have survived just about every situation and faced examples of everything listed in the guide.

So we dare say you would be wise to heed the suggestions if you wish to survive through this mess, although we wont work on the assumption that the suggestions are for everyone. This is primarily for friendly survivors and we realize bandits sometimes gets a copy of this guide as well.

But if you've read it this far, heed our plea: Dont go bandit. It may be tempting to take someone else's stuff, it may be tempting to degrade your own humanity just so you can live another day and it may sometimes be tempting to just go all out insane and start shooting everything, but it is a dark path. Most bandits dont last very long for this very reason.

Most important of all: Dont loose hope. Humanity may be shattered, the world is likely in ruins, but if you're reading this, you are still alive, and that by itself is a miracle. Since miracles obviously do happen, there is nothing wrong with hoping for more.

You'll have to believe that we as human beings can recover from this. It may take generations and most of us may perish in the process, but humanity has repetadly proven it can overcome the most insane obstacles if we put our minds to it. To believe this is to gain your humanity back and it is personally what drives me, the author of this guide, forward each day.

I hope it has a similar effect on you.

Good luck out there, and stay safe.

And remember, if you ever need help, T.O.R is at your disposal. My radio frequency is 187-22.

Thank you for reading

Tom "Tomeran" Anderson

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Incredible amount of depth and information. Nice work.

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Nice work Tomeran, I remember the v1 was aready so complete. Thanks for all the updates and efforts you put into this guide, this really help the new players who wish to learn about DayZRP.

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TL ; DR .....

No I'm kidding, really great guide for anybody who wants to learn about the game! It shows that you have put alot of effort into this and you deserve alot of positive feedback to your efforts.

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Correct me if I am wrong but this guide appears to be heavily inspired by a certain book I think everyone should read if you are at all interested in the zombie. The Zombie survival guide by Max Brooks is a great read and I'd recommended it to anyone.

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Guest Hexterity

SuperB Guide... That about covered it...!

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Great guide Tomeran.

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Correct me if I am wrong but this guide appears to be heavily inspired by a certain book I think everyone should read if you are at all interested in the zombie. The Zombie survival guide by Max Brooks is a great read and I'd recommended it to anyone.

I havent actually read Max Brooks's survival guide, so the answer would be a no.

However I have read his "World War Z", soon to be featured as a movie, and I -greatly- enjoyed that book. So maybe I'll give that survival guide book of his a chance.

In other news, I'll add more sections to this guide eventually. Perhaps something about the north and how to find more valuable loot etc etc. Plenty of room for more content.

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Guest Kilgore

Awesome guide, really well written too!

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I do like this guide! ...And not because it's advertising the TPD and my Roleplay Guide. Although, it helps. I love free advertisement. :3

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Guest Drugxsirus

good guide:)

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I think some of our new players need a read at this.

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wow, talk about mega-necro of doom, folks. This guide's horribly outdated. I'd have to rewrite half the thing for it to be even remotly accurate in these times so...this thread can vanish back into the bowels of thread history, really. :D

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wow, talk about mega-necro of doom, folks. This guide's horribly outdated. I'd have to rewrite half the thing for it to be even remotly accurate in these times so...this thread can vanish back into the bowels of thread history, really. :D

Is the mighty Tomeran not up to the challenge? ;)

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I can redo this if you like.


No, really!

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wow, talk about mega-necro of doom, folks. This guide's horribly outdated. I'd have to rewrite half the thing for it to be even remotly accurate in these times so...this thread can vanish back into the bowels of thread history, really. :D

Is the mighty Tomeran not up to the challenge? ;)


...might take some time though.

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Remember reading this when I wasn't even whitelisted xD I never finished, I fell asleep after the first billion words

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This thread has been necroed more times then im comfortable with. :(

Someone please close this. Seeing how things are working out recently I dont think I'll have time to update it properly. Gonna be busy enough with the TP guide.

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