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Unknown Frequency

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*Austin grabs his radio rom his bag and holds the button to speak*

"Hello to all those survivors out there, As some already know, My name is....."

* Radio static and a gun shot is heard in the background*

".......Sorry about that. I'm just hunting at the moment. Now Where was I..."

*A long pause before Austin speaks again*

"Hmm.... I don't remember... Oh yes, Ide like to meet some friendly faces. So far all ive seen are bandits and enemy's of mine"

"I will be honest i'm not so sure how to end this or even begin it."

"Maybe I will see some old friends......Or not"

"Wait.... I was going to say my name.... but I don't remeber what it is."

*Austin turns off his radio and starts to walk towards a large town*

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*jan grabs his radio out of his jacket*

Hi, my name is Jan. I run this camp near devils castle, just south of Severograd. Feel free to come by if you want. We can offer you shelter, food and water. Hope to see you around.

*jan puts radio away*

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*Logan looks at his radio and hesitates for a moment before deciding to respond. Logan presses down on the talk button.*

"Well... I'm with some friends standing around a fire in Kabinino. Although we may be on our way out sooner or later... But if you come by and we're still here, your more than welcome to tag along."

*Logan lets go of the talk button and puts the radio back in his pocket.*

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Johnny laughs in hysteria

*Holds down the talk button*

"Thats hilarious! I can't remember everyone elses names and you can't remember your own!"

"But hey if you find me out there stranger i will help you in any way possible!"

"just remember "Johnny Jones" i will help you with whatever ya need!

"...well as long as it doesn't oppose my morals"


*Ends transmission*

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