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Am I a lone Survivor? [Open Frequency]


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*Shaun sits down on a tree stump, looking over the fields filled with barrels of hay. He looks down upon his radio, takes a deep breath whilst holding in the button and begins to talk into the radio*

"Hello... is anyone else alive that can hear me?"

*There's a moments pause and Shaun begins speaking into the radio again*

"Why am I even contemplating that anyone else is alive in this hell hole... IF by any chance there are people alive, please get in contact."

"I'm a lone survivor, so very alone at the minute."

*Shaun shudders slightly as the wind picks up*

"I'm currently seeking refuge... If anyone knows of a safe place to stay, please... PLEASE respond to this message."

*Shaun would let go of the radio, and pop it back into his backpack. Then head inside an abandoned house*

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"Hmmm not many use the radio broadcasts much these days...careful friend, take some friendly advice be careful who you ask for help from. but seeing as you may be in need.... perhaps some time soon we will cross paths...till then safe travels...Bill out"


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*Shaun hears a reply on the radio and takes it out to reply*

"Hello, sir... Bill is it? I thought I was the only one alive so gathered I wouldn't need to be careful about openly asking for help. But if you say there are people I need to be wary of, then I'll take your advice."

*Shaun pokes the fireplace with a stick, then begins to watch the embers flick in the darkness of the room before laying the radio on a nearby end table*

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*Sol hears the transmissions, wondering if he should answer.*

"Eh, what the hell."

*Sol presses the transmission button on his battered radio*

"Hey bud, how are you? Sean is it? Well anyways, ma name is Sol, and I am also still alive. There are quite a few of us, I think. Keep the faith bud. I am sure you will meet people, trusting them, that is something else. Stay safe bud, Sol ,out.

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  • Emerald

*Logan pulls his radio out his jacket pocket and presses down on the talk button.*

"Yeah, there are people out here. They may be hard to find sometime, but their out there. If you need someone to talk to, I got time."

*Logan lets go of the talk button before laying back down on the bed, trying to get some sleep.*

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  • Sapphire

*Tucker hears the broadcast and chuckles to himself. He decides to humor the man on the other end and depresses the PTT to speak*

"No place is safe, the sooner you realize that the sooner you will end up coming to terms with this world. I find it hard to believe you haven't heard or seen another person. It's been a year for Christs sake... Hell I couldn't disappear for more than four or five months without having seen another person... let alone as of recent... Why do I get the feeling I'll be hearing of your death soon? I wonder... how the hell have you survived all this time? Ask not for help... find it in yourself to help yourself. This ain't no charity... ain't no Red Cross coming to give you food and comfort... Survive... maybe if you make it more than a month after this you might be capable enough to have around people."

*Tucker releases the PTT for a moment and decides to send the man north*

"I can say a decently... safe... place would be more in the north... You might find what you are looking for there."

*He releases the PTT again and chuckles before putting the radio back on his desk*  

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  • MVP

*jan picks up radio again*

There are lots of people out there. I can't help you finding them, but I can offer you shelter. You know, I run this camp near devils castle. It is just south of Severograd. Feel free to come by.

*jan puts his radio away*

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*Shaun's eyes widen with excitement after hearing other people alive*

"Wow, I'm happy to hear that. If I knew what my current location is I would venture to the places some of you suggested."

"But... I don't and I don't understand the road signs."

*Shaun would have a British accent*

"I have came across two helicopter crash sites, unfortunately nobody from the crash site was there. If they're alive I can only hope they are safe."

*Shaun would lay the radio beside him, turning the volume down slightly in hope to get some rest*

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  • Sapphire

*Stanley presses down on the transmit button, his gruff British voice is low and quiet.*

"Trust me pal. After all is said and done, you're gonna wish you were a lone survivor. Might drive you mad, sure. But the way things are.... madness doesn't seem all to bad.

Don't try to find anywhere safe pal. Nowhere stays safe for too long. Find a gun, and people willing to hold 'em at your side.

That's all you'll ever need."

*Stanley slowly lets his finger off the transmit button, and blows out smoke from his cigarette.*

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