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Have you given up on me? [Open Frequency]


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  • Sapphire

*Garbo sat down inside a small hut and removed his wet clothes. After ten minutes he had sat down infront of a warm fireplace and covered his naked body in a couple of blankets. He opened the pocket of his raincoat and pulled out his radio, it was still dry. He turned it on and held the button as he spoke*

Dante? Earl? Matt? Christian?

I've been searching for you for days now, and as I met a religious killer by the name Will earlier I started thinking. Are you avoiding me on purpose? Is it because of the note and all that? I didn't mean to.. do that stuff it said. Or maybe you've escaped because of what happened that night Dante? With the Irish and all.

*he's breathing faster, you hear the sound of the radio hitting his head a few times*

I have stayed out of Wong's way as much as possible. I don't think he recognized me in Novy the other day. All the shooting and the dead bodies.

*he starts sobbing*

Have you left me for good?

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  • Sapphire

Dante listens to the radio and closes his eyes. Tears roll from the corners of his eyes. Scrunching up his face he presses the button and begins to speak into his radio.

"I'm.. I'm sorry Garbo.. I can't li.. live with this guilt.. I have to tell everyone. I can't keep it from everyone.." Dante sits himself down against the wall and punches the floor.

"I have not abandoned yo.. you Garbo.. I just need time.. I killed that man!" Dante speaks slowly to start with and screams at the end.

"I'll come t.. to see you soon Garbo.. I.. I just need time to think about what I did. How.. How can I lead you guys? With all this blood on my hands? I'm.. I'm a fucking murderer!" Dante stutters and spits into the radio. 

"It's o.. Okay though Garbo.. I'll sort myself out.. This scar.. It reminds me of what I did, I won't let it happen again.." Dante speaks slowly now and opens his eyes. Releasing the radio button. 

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  • Sapphire

*Garbo grabs his radio, his tone is a mix of anxiety and happiness as he presses the button*

"Hey, we will get through this together, we always do. Now watch what you're saying - anyone can hear this. We don't want Earl or Christian to find out what happened remember? Hopefully they're not listening in on this.

If you can't deal with the guilt, just lock it up somewhere when we meet the others. They need you."

*he releases the button, and takes a deep breath before continuing to write on his notes*

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