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Wongs 2 day ban


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Link to the source of punishment (report/post):


Why the verdict is not fair:

I feel the verdict is not fair as by offering her this drug We was trying to be nice as she just respawned and I felt bad by just killing her again. Once she denied executing her like planed was the path we took. 

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view:

We knew she killed our ingame brother and she is part of a group that is at war with ours. granting execution rights

What would you like to achieve with this appeal:

points and ban removed 

What could you have done better?:

Just used the execution right or even not executed.

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Hi Wong,

After reviewing the original report as well as this ban appeal, we have come to the following conclusion.

With regards to the verdict of Attempted RDM, we do not see this was justified. You had the right to execute her. Even if you didn't have execution rights, your actions would still not have been attempted RDM and would have in fact just been RDM seeing as you did not attempt to kill her, you actually did.

However as I just mentioned, you did have execution rights due to the in-character history so the Attempted RDM part of the verdict is unjustified.

Moving on now to the RulePlay.

Throughout the situation, it is clear that you do not want her to remember this. You even go so far to tell her out of character that you are going to give her a drug which would make her forget. Not only is this a terrible RP mechanic (a drug that makes you forget, is a terrible RP mechanic to attempt to use, as there is no drug that consistently creates selective amnesia) but also, part of the Ruleplay in the verdict.

You know that if you were to kill her, she would be forced to forget the whole situation due to the NLR. Seeing as you try to be nice by not executing her as she had recently died once already, you try to use another avenue in an attempt to make her forget IC.

Your desire to want her to forget this situation is completely powered by OOC knowledge that the NLR forbids her from remembering the encounter.

If she were forced to forget the encounter due to NLR, you know that it would benefit you as she could not use the knowledge of it in any future IC encounters.

When she refuses on an OOC level to take the drugs, you then choose to execute her, forcing her to forget anyway.

This is what the rules say:


You focused on your OOC gain of getting her to forget the encounter whilst at the same time, destroying the RP that she had with you in that situation when you chose to execute her, instead of choosing a different method which could've resulted in interesting and enjoyable RP encounters in the future.

We believe that a 2 day ban for RulePlay is completely justified and is already shortened from the standard punishment of ruleplay which has a longer ban length.

Appeal Denied. No Action Taken.

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