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Not whitelisted error message

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  • Sapphire


In August-September we launched a new whitelisting system.

All Pre-Whitelisted people got until mid September to re whitelist.

Those who did not do it in time would have to Do the Whitelist compleatly over.

So just click your way into the whitelist and send in an whitelist application.

For further questions please Feel free to PM a Community Helper or an Moderator.

Or join the Teamspeak.

I will mark this as /Solved

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  • Legend

What Sean said. We implemented a new whitelist system so you'll be required to go through the new whitelist which is a series of questions about the lore and rules, followed by your backstory. You have a total of 5 attempts to do it. Feel free to use your old backstory if you have it saved. 

Sorry for any inconvenience. 

-snip Chow 2 fast-

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