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The Origins of Marco Bevells

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There was virtually no warning when the sirens went off across Chernarus, such a loud blare waking Marco and most of the other occupants from their sleep in their homes, but once those sirens awoke everyone from their slumber there was everything you'd expect there to be: curiosity, panic, fear, acceptance, and most of all adrenaline. With every civilian alerted though there were at least three zombies for each person that were drawn to the noise as well. It took around five minutes before the gunshots and screams could be heard throughout the city, Marco was frightened as one would be with such noises being so prevalent after emergency sirens went off. There was footsteps throughout the building, Marco grabbing his magnum he had been keeping in his bedside table in case he ever needed it just in time before the crunch of wood was heard, the door splintering piece by piece revealing the culprits to be his motel friends. Their faces torn asunder, clothes tattered and hanging on their bitten and bloody bodies that were writhing in ways that were repulsive to put it lightly. There was no color in their eyes, Marco noticed that before he noticed all the blood still seeping from their fresh wounds. There was no hesitation, the fight or flight response kicking in immediately after seeing what his acquaintances had become, raising the magnum to fire a shot into the land owners head. With the sound of a piece of meat splattering on a hard surface the zombie would drop, two more seeming to take it's place. There was no doubt in his mind that this was his final stand and thus with that he'd begin firing his shots at his former acquaintances...

After what seemed like hours of time there was little left of what used to be his apartment, magnum ammo depleted severely compared to the rounds he used to have, but he had survived the immediate attack. There were no words to fully describe how horrific this had become, the closest thing that even held a candle to the feeling was the word devastated. The people he had just killed were some of his closest friends, they had helped him along with all his little issues everyone had, but now they all lay dead in and around the hallways and rooms of the apartment. How had a place so beautiful become so deadly? He had come here a little over three years ago with an image of tranquility from his former vacation, but now all that was in utter shambles. This place was supposed to be calm, tranquil, slow-paced, but now there was a frenzy in everyone's eyes, the hunt for peace in everyone's hearts, a place they could all feel safe and secure. He doubted such a place would ever come to fruition as that, but without hope it felt as if you were no better than the people he had just killed in his apartment. With that in mind he trudged on, looking for survivors, praying he wasn't the only one that had survived.

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This is a nice start buddy :) Just would recommend maybe adding a few paragraphs in so it's easier to read and isn't so brutal on the eyes. Looks like there could be some nice character development here when Marco meets some survivors...

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