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Bad RP, Green Mountain

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Server and location: S1, Green Mountain

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME):

Approximately 13:00

Daytime or Night-time:

Daytime fading into Night time

Your in game name:

Zachariah Helms

Names of allies involved:

Issac Blake,

Name/Skin of suspect/s:  

Ivan McGomery, Unknown

Suspects weapon/s:

Ivan:Winchester Model 70, UMP 45

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any):


Additional evidence? (video/screenshot):

N/A Unfortunately

Detailed description of the events:

Going into green mountain I was expecting to start getting more development going for my character. Not much had happened to my character the past couple of days. I come up to Green Mountain and meet Gary Cash, Issac Blake, and Ivan McGomery. When I had reached there, Ivan and Gary had a fist fight and had knocked each other out at the same time, afterwards Gary had left, but Issac, Ivan, and I had stayed. Ivan had went and sat on some trash and medical waste. When Issac and I had confronted him about it he didn't seem to care. When Issac and I had gotten around to start a fire a new person came in. I got up and talked to him "Hey there". His first response was "I like your hat, give me your hat". Ivan had obviously known this guy as he was constantly calling me an "asshole", "dumb", "Stupid" Continuously over the course of 10 minutes or so, he had constantly asked me about my hat and other clothing items until I had gotten up and left out of frustration. On my way out, Id had heard Ivan talking to the random guy saying 'Wow he was armed and we was scared of you, what a *ussy". I had to stop in a tree to fix my teamspeak because a friend has told me he couldn't hear me. When I tabbed back in, I had saw that Ivan and the random guy had left. Knowing that Issac, the guy still inside, wasn't trolling and wasn't rude, I went back in. We sat by the fire and I had told him OOC that they seemed like trolls and that was really bad RP. He said "same" and we went back to IC. We talked about how he wanted to go to Zelenogorsk and how he wanted to try to explore more since this was the only time he'd been out this far. A few moments later Ivan had walked back in and the random man had followed. He asked me if I found a hat for him and I had denied. He started asking me about what I wanted for the hat and I told him 40 .308 rounds and the hat was his. Continuously, throughout the conversation, Ivan and the random man had been calling me names like "retard", "dumbass", "Asshole". All because I didn't want to give this troll my hat. After annoyed to my limits I got up to walk out again and on the way out they did the same thing, called me "Pussy", "scared", "Panzy". Testing to see if they cared about their lives, I asked the guy who was being mouthy if he was trying to die. The random guy pulled out his AKM and walked towards me. After realizing they were looking for a fight I baited them outside and asked them "So you think im alone? You think im the only one here". Over all they insults they were constantly yelling I don't think they heard me but Issac had run between us to break up the fight. This was where I walked off with 20+ insults following and echoing in the distance.'

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Guest Flluroz

My PoV:

I fist fought some dude at GM. He left, and I sat in the trash pile at GM. I was told that I shouldn't sit there, and my character shrugged it off. Then, my friend, LemonPunch, AKA Kevin Bailey ( Name could be wrong, not sure if it's spelled right ) Came up and asked the guy about his hat in a non trollish way. Dude with the hat(OP) was kinda being snobbish about it, and backing away all spooky like. He continued asking about the hat, and the guy backed up into the Camo Building, obviously thinking he was about to get initiated on. I was snarky, because the guy, in my characters eyes, was way to scared for no reason, so he decided he'd try to get under his skin. The first part of the confrontation, I called no names, but later on I sure did because he had given my accomplice some snarky remarks himself, like for example, when he was asked about the hat, he said to my friend Lemon " stick it up your ass " We made fun of him for a bit, specially when my friend asked him if he knew Stalin, and OP didn't know, so we were using that as fuel for the fire. He then left, and we talked trash as he was walking away. None of it was Bad RP.... I don't understand how you conjured that verdict up. I wasn't really paying attention during the whole sitch, due to being side tracked by something I was working on at the time, so sorry if I forgot something. But, yeah, it wasn't bad RP.

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I walk into GM and I notice a man with a dazzling hat.  I immediately think: "Holy shit that is one sexy hat I got to get one of those!"  I demand he gives me the hat and he replies with "no".  Okay fair enough so I try to trade with him.  He leaves the area and I walk to the pond for some water.  I come back up and he came back up to the compound and ask him if he found the same hat for me.  I say this as when he was leaving before I asked him to find one for me.  Blah blah blah, offer my AKM in which he responds with wanting 40 Winchester bullets for trade.  We make fun of him as he didn't know who Stalin was and overall his character seemed a bit idiotic.  Which led to us calling him an idiot and lead to him leaving.  While he is leaving he asks Ivan "Do you want to die?"  Seeing how we don't take that kind of shit I get up and we both get in his face, basically bullying him off our mountain.  Buddy, we weren't baiting for an initiation as you yourself already made us want to beat you but we didn't and let you go on your marry way.  One example being me asking where I could find a hat like that in which you told me "Up my ass."

"So you think im alone? You think im the only one here". 

Also you never said this statement, you just left meanwhile we called you a bitch for running away.

So basically.  You are reporting me for trying to trade for a fucking hat.  Well gee, next time we will just rob you for the thing and beat you for your snarky remarks regarding my posterior.

Edit: BTW Isaac was with us m8.  When he saw that ooc comment, which by the way, was completely unnecessary, we laughed our asses off in which we told him to reply with "same" due to how silly the statement was.

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  • Sapphire

I have a single screenshot of when the guy said something in OOC for no real pertinent reason.


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  • Sapphire


Ivan McGomery - Bad RP - Word vs Word

Kevin Bailey - Bad RP - Word vs Word


After extensive deliberations among staff, we have come to the conclusion that sufficient evidence was not presented for us to effectively judge the accused and come to a guilty/not guilty verdict. While PoVs paint their own picture, effectively grading the context of a situation along with the RP is a large determining factor in regards to situations such as these.

As for the chat logs, they are completely unnecessary and need to be addressed. IF you feel as though a rule has been broken the first course of action should not be //-insert rulebreak here-. Asking staff in helpdesk or putting up a report are proper courses of action, saying it in-game is not and in future cases we would advise against it as OOC chat should only be used in emergencies.

With the above stated the following applies:


Ivan McGomery - Bad RP - Word vs Word [No Action Taken]

Kevin Bailey - Bad RP - Word vs Word [No Action Taken]

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