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Brothers. (Secure Freq)


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  • Sapphire

*Wong picks up his radio and presses down the button on his radio. He urges his other brothers

to be quiet.*

Brothers. Myself,Benny and Elijah have gone North to find Rivi. I can't not do something, I'll- We'll be back soon

we will find her.

*He releases the button on his radio and the Brothers set off once again*

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Covert hears his friends voice. He debates whether or not to say or do anything, but his sense of brotherhood gets the better of him.

"Well shit, if you're going after her, I suppose i'll get involved as well. I'll see you boys at day break."

He tosses his radio into his bag, and folds the map he'd been memorizing earlier. Shouldering his pack, he checks to make sure a round is chambered in his rifle, then sets off into the night.

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  • Sapphire

*Wong hears his brothers voice and laughs*

Just like old time ey Covert. You know where to meet us, we got ALOT of ground to cover.

*He releases the button on his radio and starts talking to his other brothers around a fire. Vive diu fraternitatem*

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*Max sits down next to Riviaira, holding her hand and trying to comfort her. He hears the voices from the radio and begins to transmit*

"I have already found her Wong. It was two men... two Chernarussian men.. they... they were her parent's killers... and they were going to finish the job they already started."

"She can't move Wong, we are going to have to stay where we are. Don't try to find us, we don't even know where we are."

*He ends the transmission and gives his attention back to Riviaira, smiling trying to show that everything is going to be alright*

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  • Sapphire

*Wong Picks up his radio. He sighs with relief before he starts talking*

How? How did you manage to find her? Just give me a location cause myself and a few brothers are already near Black Mountain.

God its cold up here*

*Wong releases the button on his radio and tell his brothers to set up camp* 

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  • Legend

Jamie flicks on his radio.

You know we're here if you ever need us. Let us know how River is.

Stay safe.

Jamie slides the radio into his pocket. 

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  • Sapphire


*Wong gets a little frustrated with Max answer*

How did you manage to find her? was you with her the whole time. Tell me what happened.

Also Jamie, thanks brother.

*Wong releases the button on his radio and swears*  

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