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Help with group deco

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  • Emerald

My friends and i wanna make a group, i am 3 months in on the 17th of this month, ive aready written some lore on the group, but i am amazed at the sick as hell artwork some groups have, and i would really want that, i dont heve much in mind yet

The group is essentially a survivor group, we dont focus on banditry, we want to be heros at some points and bandits at other.

The group will be named the 'Baba Yaga' which is a russian folklore, essentially a group of us IC run into an elderly woman who tells us of this folklore (she is Indeed the baba yaga, baba yaga is an elderly woman who lives in the wood, she has a cauldron where she eats humans usually, (some websites offer different info) she is a creepy old woman). she is odd yet we want to help her as she is old. We develop a relationship with her and travel with her. We also want to have a heroic side where we will clear zombies out in places where they are high pop, hopefully we will find people who aree being attacked by a horde and save them, the group is a wip, if youre intersted i would like someone to make some group page artwork, it doesnt have to be anytime soon, im planning on putting the group us late this month. If you wanna help pm me, thanks :):):):):):):)

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  • MVP

I suggest you take a look at the media section on the forums. There's plenty of people that are great at graphic design, and more the willing to help you out.

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  • Emerald

If you want you can stop by The Enigmas TS, we might be able to help you out if you have some idea of what you want.

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