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Punch Kick [Open Frequency]

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* As Christina starts to set up fro Wednesday's fight night that she is setting up, Christina puts down a table a chair and puts some food she sits on the chair and pulls out her radio from her back pocket and flicks on the green button she looks to see if the radio on and starts to talk*  

As this night come to a closing end i wish the everyone best of luck to survive the night but *Smiles* will you survive Wednesday night

i am calling out to people that what to fight and look good doing it if you win fights you get prizes there is free food and there is entertainment for the night if you want to fight just say so and meet at Lopatino  it will be really fun and don't forget to bring your friend's. If we get 2 groups that are

ready to fight we might have a group on group all out battle who is up for the challenge or are you to scared

*The radio cuts of Christina getting up out of her chair looking at people pace her she run's up to them and tell's then about the night

after having the conversation she starts to place banners and food everywhere*   

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  • Emerald

*Logan closes the door to the room he was sleeping in behind him and proceeds to walk down the stairs when he hears his radio go off. He pulls his radio out of his coat pocket and presses down on the talk button.*

"Hmmm... sounds interesting. Like some kind of MMA type of event. Well, if I got nothing to do then, I will try and make my way there and see it."

*Logan lets go of the button and puts the radio back in his pocket as he leaves the house.*

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*Cahir listens closely*

*Dark Irish accent* Lopatino? Huh, should be... interesting... If Wong is there, I'm there.

*Cahir clicks off his radio, as he continues to play around with his knife*

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*Dente smiles a bit starting his transmission *

"Oh fuck yeah this sounds great. I won't  fight myslef, but I'll show up, tell some jokes. Maybe  bet a bit? Gonna be like those good nights at the mt. Before everone starts shooting."

*He laughs happily,cutting out*

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*Nikolai picks up his radio and smirks as he presses the button*

I might stop by and check it out or I might just watch as people roll by and destroy everything your trying to do and I will watch everything from the shadows either way it goes either this failing or some genuine fighting and entertainment.

*Nikolai smirks again in contempt at the idea though it has peaked his intrest and sets down the radio thinking about going*

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