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Interview with Matt


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  • Emerald


The idea of interview a community member is to take yet another step forward towards bringing the

community together.

The idea is to create a thread where we will interview a random community member.

During this interview we will ask the community member some questions regarding the community and how their DayZRP experience has been.

This week we interviewed:


Thank you so much for participating!

~Tell us something unique about yourself!~

Well I live in the Merry land of Sherwood, which if ya did not know was home to the old legend Robin hood, I actually live 5 minutes away from the tree him and his men hid from the king in. I am a big Robin Hood fan as you can tell.

~How has your DayZRP experience been?~

In my 2 years of DayZRP I have had some fantastic times what have made me have all sorts of emotions, this community has brought me the best RP I have experienced anywhere, I have met people from all around the world here and each of them have some pretty kickass stories and come on, them accents....

But if I could sum it up, ye its been pretty fucking amazing.

~Have you made any friends during your time in this community?~

Have I made any friends? Hell yeah I have made a fuck ton of them while I have been here on DayZRP, I would be here all day if I listed them all so I guess I will keep it to the special ones Wink

But the closest ones I have made are Pat, Alsatian, PartyCrasher, The famous streamer HatchBackBandit, and Rocket Riggs the race car driver, and Helena the top scrub, and ofcourse Mick Heart

~Is there something that you would like to see added to our community?~

If there is one I want to see added or readded in this case, then it is Friday funtime we used to do it back in Late 2013 and the middle of 2014, when we did it, it brought together a lot of people and we just fucked around playing different games, normally Arma 2 game modes but it was just fun and brought the community together. Hell even Rolle played with us which made me feel less intimidated by the El Presidente.

~What are some of your most memorable DayZRP experiences?~

My most memorable experience I had in mod was back at Pobeda dam with the FreeMedics, we oneday learned they had added a dance feature so we all decided to hold a dance competition at the Dam, we had about 4 clans there all dancing to some music and just having a laugh, was the funniest moment I had on Mod.

On Standalone the best moment I had was probably when I met Joffrey, me and my friend Raven had spent an entire week earning the trust of the Family and eventually we had earned the trust of there Generals, at this point we were told Joffrey wanted to meet us so we set off to Novy church, it was terrifying because we had heard a lot of stories about Joffrey so we were scared something could go wrong. When we got to the church we spoke to him we signed the contract I ate some beans, next thing I know I had been poisoned from the beans and just dropped dead in the middle of the church, to this day still got no fucking clue who poisoned my beans.

~Is there anything in particular that you're looking forward to with DayZSA?~

I am mainly looking forward to the new vehicles that are being added ingame, things like actual cars will just make it more practical to travel around the map, I am frankly getting of running around the entire map every day just to find someone.

~What do you feel is the best thing about DayZRP and our community?~

The best thing about this community is probably how friendly people are, I know we have the small amount of bad apples but still there is many people who are willing to help eachother and that is something that lets me know, the community still is what it was back in 2013, just maybe with a few hundred more people...

~Do you have any tips or hints for newcomers?~

One thing I noticed lately is many newcomers have not read the lore or just are very unsure with the rules, I would recommend you lot read the rules and lore and get a full understanding before hopping on to play in our servers, because one wrong mistake and you could be facing a ban and trust me that is not fun.

~Is there anything you would like to see more of within the community?~

I personally would like to see some events made by the Loremaster team, I know that you guys are busy with helping groups, but I would like to see an event that affects the servers lore, we had things like this back in mod and it just made things all the more fun.

~ Do you have a video of your favorite roleplay moment you would like to share with us?~

The video which is my favorite is from when me and the entire Society captured Sonny Gunn and his girlfriend, this was possibly one of the most brutal things I have witnessed ingame and I even got revenge on Sonny for stabbing my eye out. [video=youtube]

~ Do you have a video of your favorite funny moment ingame you would like to share with us?~

Nope sorry.

~ If a Zombie apocalypse would happen in Real life, what would you do and what items would try to take with you?~

Well knowing me my family would not be home so I would basically be alone right from the start, I would get my dog who is actually good at hunting small animals and I would take a crowbar and try and sneak into the local shooting range, if I ofcourse don't get shot by the gent who owns it I would take the rifle into the forest and just live off the land, there is a fuck ton of deer and other animals in the forest so I would have to learn to hunt I guess. Hopefully I do not get eaten by zombies.

~ How would you describe your playstyle on our Servers?~

Well I am not saying my character is hated by alot of people.... but I have a fair few enemies, so I guess my playstyle can be described as constantly making sure the next person I meet ain't pissed off.

Interested in doing our interview?

Well you could be the potential next one!

We randomly pick people.

Keep a close eye on that PM box!

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  • Emerald

All good lads was pretty fun to do :P

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  • Emerald

Nice, Matt.

Thank you Matt <3

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  • Sapphire

Dat video tho, ho lort.

Nice interview Matthew, ty for the mention pal

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  • MVP

#BestTopScrubThereIs ;)

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  • Diamond

good work :)

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  • Legend

The Pirate pug! nice interview :)

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  • Legend

Thank you so much for this Matt! Loved the Video! <3

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  • Titanium

Thanks for the interview, Doggy McFarley :troll:

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  • Legend

Guys! Guys! We got Sonny Gunn captu-

We know.

Oh shit, I thought I was in Wolf Comms...

Tries to regain cool.

Most embarrassing moment of my life.

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so I guess my playstyle can be described as constantly making sure the next person I meet ain't pissed off.

I thought your playstyle was getting people pissed off ;)

Great interview Matt, glad you used my video :P

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