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Ban appeal

Guest Kennny12

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Guest Kennny12

Hello Staff before reading this this is an alt account made by KennySP i know i really should not do this but i didn't know what to do next. (I understand if this not going to be read and its gonna just be closed it whould be correct the account can be deleted afther solving this i am verry sorry for bother the staff with my problems that was already solved once i wont do it again you have my word so sorry).

Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Cannot access cannot ask somebody to link it i am banned on team speak reason:banned from the server.

 Your forum account is currently banned. Ban Reason: Ban Strike (1 month)

Ban will be lifted: Never

Why the verdict is not fair: The vredict is fair i did broke a rule and some other rules idk how but some hove i always got warrning points from my own reports and when tere was a thing or tho my friends just tyed to get all on my so they can save their selfs its just how it was and how it will be if you let somebody use you once he will do it again until you say stop.

Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The only thing i can explain that yes i had problems in my life not gonna go in details and i decided perm kill my char Kenny Kopp and start a new One Khalifa Green that gonna use Lsd a halutination phill no i didn't really palyed chars like this haven't looked into it so i just started to play it met first peoples thy only thought i am an idiot after they asked my do i have any problems when i said i am eating this colored pills then they know what was my problem wasn't a good outplay i realize but ye wasn't horrible afther going in more details no i always played by the rules but somehow always ended up getting warning points by my own reports and when i needed my friends they pulled it on my so they wont get in trouble i never bringed hate i wasn't a bad role player i know it was a mistake that i did it i took the risk even that i know that i had a banstrike coming we learn from our mistakes if we try we make mistakes that why we are humans as i did it again by making this ban appeal with a new account i really shouldn't i just really don't know what to do i just didn't want to give up in this community sometimes life takes you down and you have to decide that you stand up an go trough your problems or just lay back on the ground slowly become invisible.

What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I never asked for an another chance but i have to admit is hard without this community i miss a couple of peoples i don't feel like i made enemies out of char so now i am asking for another chance i feel like i can do better end i will not take risk if its not neccesary and read afther a role if i really want to play it. Its really not up to my i had my chance i was here for long enought most of my warning its from small reports that i made myslef somehow i ended up on them. Anyways i respect the choise from the other ban appeal as well i just could not stand it .

What could you have done better?: I could not take risk if i know that the next break will be banstrike that will remove my from the community i should readed afther a role if i wanted to play i should not played when i was depressed by life and when life bringed my down.


When life brings you down it is up to you that you want to stand up and go trough it or lay down an die.

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