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Calling all surviving Gamblers..


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  • Emerald

*Keith stands on the roof of the old casino with Wong and flicks on the radio*

This is a message to all surviving gamblers. It's me Keith. I've come back from the north. I've only ran into Jay and Pauly.. Is anyone still alive?? I miss the old days... if any of you guys are still alive lets meet up for old times sake. 

*Keith puts down the radio, sits against the wall and starts smoking a cigarette*

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  • Sapphire

Eli picks up his radio as quick as he could.

Keith? Is that you? Holly shit been long time bro. I am uhh.. Aroundish, found a camp and been keeping to myself. I havnt herd from much of anyone but then again I've not let myself known... Think it's time to come out and play

Eli chuckles as he places his radio in his pocket

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  • Emerald


Eli? Man it's good to hear your okay. I was hoping we can get another Casino event going like the old days. I'm standing at the Casino right now, looks like its been long abandoned though.. I heard someone tried killing off surviving members not too long ago.


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  • Legend

Sitting on the bench, Jamie slings his bag off his shoulder and onto his lap. He digs through his bag looking for steaks to cook, then hears a quiet static coming from the radio. He listens the old voice and decides to reply. He lifts the radio next to his mouth, talking with a soft tone.

I wouldn't say I'm alive. But i'm here. It's good to hear from you again buddy. I honestly thought you was dead until I heard about you a few weeks ago. You've missed out on a fair bit. We should meet for a little coff- I mean, bean meal.

He chuckles, then with the mood changing he sounds far more serious.

You heard from Kaiden? Last I heard from him he wanted us all dead. I don't know if you can talk some sense into him, but I think we lost him. I don't know if the rest of the guys are like that too, not seen or heard from Johnny since he.. abandoned us. 

He lets out a slow and deep sigh.

I need to head out, the fire is almost out and I gotta keep moving. I'm not too sure what frequency this is, so if you need me then radio me on 198.3.

Stay safe out there Keith. 

He slips the radio back in his bag, looking up at the stars. 

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  • MVP

*Joe Picks up his radio after hearing Keith's voice *

Keith? Oh My fucking God you're alive! It's me Joe!

Bro shit has changed man, alot. I don't know where alot of us have gone, and I know some of us are dead. 

I asked Wong what was up a while ago, and he told me that he wants to keep the infection alive or some fucking shit like that and he worships the devil or some bullshit. Kaiden wants to kill any living Gambler, but he's gone quit, don't know where he went. Anyways contact me anytime Keith I'm still alive, I'll keep my frequency on this for a while.

*Joe puts his radio down*

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  • Sapphire

*Ivan raises an eyebrow as he hears the voice, and starts transmitting.*

"Seems a lot of people are coming back from the dead these days."

*He lets his arm drop to his side, switching the transmit button off.*

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