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Server time (UTC): 2023-09-28 17:56

S3 Combat logging.


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Server and location: S3 Hills above Stary.

Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 8th november, around 19:30 server time.

Daytime or Night-time: Night time.

Your in game name: Lewis Knight.

Names of allies involved: Daniel Bazinov, Oisin OConnor, Steven Mckinnon, Blake Harris, Kenway Lee, James Mason.

Name/Skin of suspect/s: Jimmy Bulmer.

Suspects weapon/s: Winchester but not used.

Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A

Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Logs. I talked to Conor to check if he logged back in.

Detailed description of the events: We initiated in Jimmy Bulmer because he had robbed several of our friends on numerous occasions. We take him from Stary to the hills where the power lines enter Stary. As we rp with him S3 is closed down and S1 / S2 is loaded back up. We Join S1 and Jimmy Bulmer does not log back in at ANY moment. The server had around 10-20 slots for almost 10 minutes and he did not log back in. I checked with Conor to see if he joined S2 and he did not. Jimmy Bulmer was not sighted logging back in on either server.

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Chat Logs:

----15:56:26 S3 Restart----
19:24:49 | Chat("Jimmy Bulmer"(id=)): //im kew
19:24:51 | Chat("Jimmy Bulmer"(id=)): //new
19:28:22 | Chat("Jimmy Bulmer"(id=)): /YER
19:28:22 | Chat("Jimmy Bulmer"(id=)): //just got teleported down that hill
19:28:30 | Chat("Lewis Knight"(id=)): //Cut out ooc pls
19:28:33 | Chat("Jimmy Bulmer"(id=)): //WTF IS GOING ON HOW THE FUCK DID I GET HERE
19:29:48 | Chat("Robert McKay"(id=)):  // fps issue... 
19:35:36 | Chat("Jimmy Bulmer"(id=)): //lag?
19:35:51 | Chat("Jimmy Bulmer"(id=)): //badly then

Disconnect/Connect Logs:

 ----15:56:26 S3 Restart----
18:02:53 | Player "Jimmy Bulmer" is connected (id=)

Calling Jimmy Bulmer to this report. He will have 24 hours to respond before being temporarily banned from the servers.[/code]

Logs show that the accused went back onto S3 whilst the rest of you went to S1 during the restart. Why did you all not join S3 when it was back up to continue the RP with the accused?

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Blake Harris has called out that S3 was closed. That is also in the logs on S1.

If he logged back into S3 that's our mistake and this can be closed. I was under the impression that S3 had been closed.

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